Playing the same team twice in four weeks


Consider this my "get off my lawn, you crazy kids" rant. In a nine-team league, why in God's name do you schedule multiple sets of "home-away" games between teams in the first month of the season? For example, my Als have played four different teams so far -- Ottawa, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Hamilton. But our next game is against ... Calgary. Which makes the smallness of the league feel even worse. You don't want to remind your fans that the league is small. You want to do everything you can to avoid repetitive matchups. I don't want to face Calgary again until we've had a chance to play the rest of the league: Edmonton, BC, Saskatchewan, and Toronto.

In conclusion:

That's not a bad schedule, even in the NFL some teams will play one of their division rivals twice before they play any of their other division rivals. What IS kind of annoying is the situation we just saw with Edmonton and Ottawa and BC and SASK playing each other back to back... That's something that should be looked at better.

Speaking as someone who has made his share of schedules for sim leagues, football schedules with their once per week matchups are very difficult to draw up even when you don’t have to deal with any stadium availability issues for your imaginary venues.

4 weeks isn’t bad at all. Consider that you have 8 possible opponents, 9 if you count the bye. Since the last time that the Als played Calgary they’ve played Winnipeg, Hamilton and a bye, that’s one-third of their possible opponents.

In order to get more mix in the schedule with 9 teams, the first thing the league would need to do is scrap the back-to-back Labour Day matchups that the fans love so much and even then mixing is difficult.

Now consider how the SkyDome forces the league to wrap everything else around Toronto home dates (this should improve greatly in BMO).

This season in particular with the WWC and Pan-Ams make it extra difficult to mix up the sched, yet they’ve still managed to do about as good a job as possible.

I have noticed that the schedule mix is far better now that all 9 teams are back in action. I had noticed it when the Gades had played as well. When we only had 8 clubs the back-to-backs were rampant. Hard to believe that just 1 more team makes such a huge difference, but it does.

True, the addition of a ninth team has really lessened the number of B2Bs. BTW, I still hate the Labour Day back-to-backs. To me, those games should one and done, with each team in the rivalry taking turns hosting it.

Don't mind the Edmonton/Ottawa set but why BC/Saskatchewan? They load the first half with inter division play so the teams have a majority of their post Labour Day schedule against teams they are fighting for playoff spots against. So why have back-to-back against one of those teams in the first month of the season?

I also agree the Labour Day rematches should be scrapped. Keep the Banjo Bowl but scrap the other two.

Are you kidding? The league makes tons of money on those games. The crowds are huge. The hype is intense. Attend one of these games before you axe it. The atmosphere is insane. Also, being a 20 pt underdog in one of these traditional games usually means nothing. Something dramatic almost always happens in these special games.

I agree. Of all the stuff to improve in the CFL, these match-ups on and after Labour Day weekend are not broken and no fixing is needed. Leave these the way they are now folks, and move on to working on something else.

Also agree. Labour Day Classics have always represented a turning point in the CFL season where the contenders separate from the pretenders.

I'm only suggesting 2 of the 3 LD rematches and NOT the LD Classic. Keep the Banjo Bowl and that game has become as big as the LD Classic, but when you only play a team 3 times do we need a home and home? Edmonton and Calgary, heated rivals, don't meet for the first time until Labour Day at the season's halfway point. The Argos play their rival on August 3rd so with the LD home and home they don't meet the team they may be fighting for a playoff spot with in the last 8 weeks of the season and play 3 of their final 4 against the west.

I don't see the same connection to tradition with the rematch as I do with the LD games and by dropping the rematch it gives another opportunity to get in a game in the final month when the playoff stretch run is on.

Are you kidding? The Battle of Alberta is the biggest rivalry in the league. The Banjo Bowl is second tier compared to it. I like the rematches anyways.

But would you rather have a LD rematch the following week or have a second October match. Why end the season with the Battle of Alberta instead of..................Edmonton/Montreal (week 19 game, Edmonton has the week 20 bye) and Calgary/BC.

Yeah, not a fan of it... where's the 10th team...



Granted, the Edmonton/Ottawa series isn't as bad as they aren't divisional rivals. However, when you have TWO home-and-home's in the same weeks, it draws attention to the smallness of the league.

Also, dcmoses, why is god's name would you want to eliminate the Battle of Alberta? For the record, Winnipeg is in the same division as Saskatchewan. So if we replaced the Edmonton/Calgary games with Winnipeg and Saskatchewan, would you still be talking about eliminating the Battle of Alberta but keeping the Banjo Bowl?

I'm not a fan of back to back games (or close to that) either.

With injuries as they are recently, a team could be missing several key players for a portion of the schedule. Keeping the meeting of two teams spaced out gives a better chance of true representation of such a team's capabilities. Conceivably, a team riddled with injuries for only a portion of the season could lose both games to a weaker team, whereas if the schedule was more broad, that team might only lose once to the weaker team.

As for the LD Classics, clearly they should be kept, but as dcmoses points out, the rematch the following week does not have to remain. However, the home team for each of the LD Classic games should alternate each season to be fair.

Each team should have one home & away series with their traditional rival (except B.C. of course) then spread out the remaining games with the maximum number of weeks between each team. I realize making the schedule is tough but once the Argos get more normalized dates at BMO, then a proper schedule (without multiple back to back games) schedule can be made.

Ideally teams should alternate home and away with a maximum number of weeks between playing the same team.

Not the games themselves just the LD rematch. I was one of those that was livid when the league failed to schedule the Argo/Ticat LD game for the 2nd time in three years recently. LD weekend should ALWAYS be Riders/Bombers Sunday and Cats/Argo followed by Stamps/Eskies on Monday. However, wouldn’t you rather see the other 2 Battle of Alberta games in October during the playoff run instead of having a LD rematch?

Absolutely not!

I want the rematch on the next weekend. Emotions are very high with the back-to-back format for these teams in particular for the team losing the first game. And some of the diehard fans love the road trips too. These games make the league that much greater.

Also if no key players are injured the first game, then each team gets to play the best of the other team in a week or so.

At the end of the season it is unlikely that your team will see the best of the other team, and vice versa, for such a heated rivalry when most of us want the highest chance to see the best of the teams playing each other.

Why would I not see the best of the other team at the end of the season? You mean they're not at their best heading into the playoffs? The Grey Cup Champions are not as good as the best team on LD weekend? That's a bit of a ridiculous statement.

I would rather see two rivals face each other for a playoff spot/position than in a grudge match the weekend after the mid point in the season.

Hey dcmoses, re-read the whole post by Paolo X to understand what he's pointing out. It's not a ridiculous statement at all; If more key injuries were to happen is what I feel Paolo X is reflecting on to not seeing the best of other given teams.

I understand, but injuries to key players can happen any time. Even in week 1. Using potential injuries as an excuse for scheduling is also ridiculous. Teams are at their best going into the playoffs not at the mid point of the season in grudge match that may not even decide a season series.

Why don't we move the playoffs to September too and start them the weekend after LD so teams don't have more key injuries to their line ups. They can finish the regular season in October and November after the Grey Cup game.