Playing the 50/50 raffles

Anyone here ever win a 50/50 raffle? I always play them but no luck yet. Forgot about the huge prize at the Edmonton game a few years back.

It's 50/50 Raffle Season At Your Local Stadium - Impersonal Finances

I do like to buy a ticket as the 50% usually goes to a good cause, have never won though. Usually they get a pretty nice total at Rider games, I think the Season opener was something like $220,000 pot.

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I am a sucker for them, and I can always feel good about making a donation even if I don’t win. But man that will be sweet when I finally win one… it’s coming!

I buy as the money :moneybag: goes towards BC Minor Football and BCFC.

Great cause! Fun to support kids learning to love the game.

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