Playing in the CFL Fish Bowl

I use to Question this Team's Heart..
But After going to Montreal.. I don't Anymore

These Guy Fought the Guts out
Injures Came back and got us..

Speaking to Hitch Goss and Pascal..
It dose Bother Them when they Lose...
hell it still pisses me me we left 2 Points Behind..

[b]But They do live in a CFL Fish Bowl..
They Have Every Day:

Media Questioning your Heart and Soul..
Fans There all the Time
Little Private Time
Missing Family Friends
Some Worried about Family Overseas
Worried Someone is Going to take Your Job..
Every Day
Look at Jamie and The Coach as Examples[/b]

Could you do it Play in the Fish Bowl..
This Men Play there heart out for us.
Put the Lives on Hold for 12-15 Hours a Week.

These Men Are our Heroes but the also Just Men.

I want Thank Them for Playing in the Fish Bowl

Thanks Cats!
Win one for the Guppy. :slight_smile:

And if the team is losing, the the only player they cheer for is the back up QB.