I was just wondering,
Which Stadiums do you think the players most like to play in? if there are any players out there on this forum can you please answer back, and fans are welcome too!:slight_smile:

For visiting players, I would imagine Ivor Wynne would rank No. 8 for the proximity their benches have to the love Ticat fans can share. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

As for the facilities, I would also venture a guess that the visitor's locker room is also the worst in the CFL...especially having it under the end zone seats where Cat fans can similarly express their affection because of their proximity to the players. :wink:

Ultimately, it is whether the Ticats can translate that home-field advantage into on-field results that is the litmus test. As it is, BC Place and Molson Stadium can be very tough, with the post-game advantages of Montreal taking some of the sting out any road defeats.

Oski Wee Wee,

Ivor Wynne Stadium has fairly solid concrete walls only a few feet from the sidelines. Although these walls are marginally protected with some thin padding, they have been a curse over the years to home teams and visitors alike.

Many injuries have taken place along these walls which causes players to occasionally slow down prematurely when running towards them.

Russ' comments are also quite valid regarding the dressing room for the visitors.

Take it from someone who has actually used the Ticats vistor's locker room and the Toronto one as well.... Ivor Wyne's visitor's locker room is terrible

Gotta think that players would appreciate the domes during the hot afternoons mid-summer and the cold days late in the season. Also because they wouldn’t have to deal with blinding sun at certain points of the day, wind, snow or rain.