NOw that its over, I want to thank the players for their perseverance in a no win situation. With firings of head coaches and cood.'s in the middle of a season and then have to put up with inept leadership for the rest of the year, I think is admirable. I respect and like Coach Lancaster, but he was just life support for an otherwise dying team. Continued on next page

Ive talked with some of the players and got the feeling that practices were bad. Make it up as we go kinda philosphy when it came to offencive schemes. I admire Maas, Eakin and Williams for having to run an offence that has no real rhyme or rythum to it. Receivers not sure of what they were to do, abandoning the running game at times and just plain lousy play calling. Anyway thanks guys and best of luck to you and lets hope for great things next year. GO Cats!

Absolutely! Thank you Julian Radlein, Mike Morreale, Rob Hitchcock, James Cotton, D.J. Flick, DaVon Fowlkes, and Tay Cody for the great show and wonderful effort. There were others too that I enjoyed watching and very very much. I think you deserve to be back next year. My ticket dollars hope to see you back... particularly for the names I've typed out. For me, you made it fun. For me, and Darlin Husband, you made it worth going to the games. It was about watching talent on the field - talent and effort and character - and you all showed it. Thanks for not giving up. We're coming back next year so you can show us more of what you've got.

I appreciate the effort everyone on that team made, whether they were successful on not. Most of them did not quit on the team or the fans. Adversity shows true character and I think that the players Deedle mentioned as well as others (who I won't name for fear of starting yet another bash fest) showed that they have a lot of heart and they worked their butts off to make it more entertaining for us fans. All the best to those who come back and those who don't. You're a great bunch of guys.

I'll add my thanks too. what am I going to do with myself until next season? I guess I'm going to have to go out and get a life instead of living it vicariously through the Ticats and this website.

Man...I hate winter!

Anyone know how many days until spring training?

I'm with everyone else here... Thanks to all of the players who worked hard and did their best during a very tough season. Hang in there with us guys, it is going to get better.

So how long until training camp??

I feel your pain. I hate the offseason. Especially when it's not the offseason for everyone else yet. Way too long until training camp and I refuse to get a life this offseason

As much as I hate how long the offseasons are in the CFL this one this one could’nt come fast enouph. Even the players who were around in the 1-17 season said that season was not as touph as this one. Too much turnmoil for one season.
In saying that I appreciated the efforts of the players in a no win situation.
Lets hope Desjardin can turn the attitude around with key sighnings and hire some well respected coaches. By listening to him on the 5th quarter last weekend I really believe he will find some quality coaches and will not go for someone that is too old and with failing health. No disrespect to Matthews. He will look for young blood with enthusiasm. Players don’t want to play for someone like Lancaster who admitted to the media that he did’nt want to coach he only did it as a favour.
Good luck next year CATS

Why would any of you thank the players? Thank them for what? NOTHING! When are you gonna wake and realize that PLAYERS are members of a TEAM...and "TEAMS" WIN GAMES!!!!

And your point is??? I'm pretty sure we get the team concept. Why would we thank them?? Because some of them have taken a real bashing all year (on and off the field) and still went out there and gave 100%. If you don't want to thank them, that's your choice just as it's our choice if we want to.

Its all pretty simple!HIRE NO FREELOADERS AND HIRE MORE WORKERS !!!!!!!End of story!


i want to thank the players who give it their all the ENTIRE season. Players like Hitchcock, Morreale, Cody, Cotton, Flick. There were some guys who just stood out the entire season. So yeah thanks players!8) and I think it's 222 days until training starts up again. But still thats way too long!.. :cry:

A great big vote of thanks to the boys who played their hearts out for this team this season, and to those who didn't, (and you know who you are) please just leave.