Players you miss

Obviously, my list begins and ends with Kenny Ploen, Leo Lewis & Dick Thornton but from recent eras:

  • Charles Roberts, the little man was a fascinating CFL running back. Under 5'6" and not blessed with breakaway speed he made a name for himself on bad football teams and has Hall of Fame credentials

  • Doug Brown - the big boy was a CFL goliath, usually facing double or triple teams as his 6'8", 300 lb. torso wasn't just enormous, it was powerful. Downside on Doug is that he enjoyed tests of strength more than sacks on QBs so his CFL career pocked by some unexpectedly low numbers

  • Chris "Bluto" Walby - a 6'7", 345 to 365 lb. Man-Mountain. Seldom beat by d-linemen, he was just too powerful a force and could hurt you if you tried. Most guys went thru Las Vegas to get to Miami with this monster behemoth.

  • Pinball Clemons - like Charles Roberts, he wasn't a speedster - but his moves were incredible and he made more guys miss than anyone in my memory. Just enjoyed watching the little man with the massive smile play.

  • Adriano (Draino) Belli - one of the dirtiest campaigners in recent history. Almost as big as Doug Brown but even stronger - mean streak to boot. He enjoyed terrorizing smaller men. Troy Westwood once told me Belli would come up to him prior to games and explain what unspeakable deeds he was going to do to me, my family, my star model sister, etc. if we didn't give him time and space for his antics. Westwood looked terrified when engaged with the Argos and I'm positive Draino was in his head every time he played Toronto and for every minute he was on the same field as Belli.

  • Dan "Hoss" Goodspeed - one of the best o-linemen in recent CFL history. Really improved the bomber fortunes when he came on board. Borderline dirty to mostly standup solid. Had a nice career in Sask'n after the bombers dispatched him. Should have been a coach - had the great demeanour!

From other teams over the years:

BC Lions - Joe Kapp or Nub Beamer
Stamps - Lovell Coleman, Wayne Harris or Willy "Throbbing Gristle" Burden
Esks - Mad-Hatter Reilly, Moon, Larry Highbaugh
Riders - none (other than Wayne Shaw, the bookseller)
Ottawa - Russ Jackson, no question, Moe "La Toe" Racine
Hamilton - Frank Cosentino, Rupert the Roadrunner Crawford, Garney Henley
Montreal - Donnie Davis, Pringle, Cahoon
Toronto - Belli (as a super villain heel), Flutie, Thiessman, Jonas

Brian height, 5'7", but played like a monster. Just get the ball within 10 yards of him and he will catch it.

Doug Flutie - frustrating to watch as he beat H so many times.

Tom Clements and John Wilkinson.

Junior Ahu!! Just plain mean.

Angelo Mosca, both as a player during the Ti-Cat top contender years and as King Kong Mosca in the wrestling ring after his football days.

Ron Lancaster, both a great QB and a fine gentleman.

Slightly more than a baker's dozen:

  1. Jackie Parker

  2. Kenny Ploen (As magical a name to me as Jackie Parker but not quite as good.)

  3. Gerry James (He played hockey too!)

  4. Dick Shatto

  5. Cookie Gilchrist (He played for the Sarnia Imperials and the Kitchener-Waterloo Dutchmen as well!)

  6. Cam Fraser and Dave Mann (I like those old-time punters and their poses on football cards!)

  7. Indian Jack Jacobs and Willie "The Wisp" Fleming (Over the top cool names to be sure!)

  8. Normie Kwong (Other than ending up as some foreign queen's rep on Canadian soil he was very cool.)

  9. Ulysses "Crazy Legs" Curtis (A boss cool name! Good player too.)

  10. Sam Etcheverry

  11. Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca (Ancient time-honoured combatants.)

  12. Bummer Stirling (Led the Imperials to two Grey Cups! 'Nuff said.)

  13. Ron Stewart (I needed at least one more Canadian on my list.)

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Junior Ah You was really my first favourite Alouette

So many great names here, I'll add Garney Henley and Eric "The Flea" Allen.

doug flutie
adrion smith
Darren flutie
Jim Sandusky
chris Schultz
nick Benjamin
Jamie taras

Some great linemen deserve attention:

  1. Frank Rigney (used to do color on CTV, he was very good at that, too!)

  2. Bill Frank (not quite as big, strong as Walby but almost as filthy)

  3. George Fleming (short CFL career but one of my early faves)

  4. John Helton (perhaps the best interior DT in CFL history)

  5. Ed McQuarters (great Sask'n DT, played with one eye only)

  6. John Bonk

  7. Bernie "The Weedmaster" Ruoff, should have worn # 4/20

  8. Ty Jones, Aaron Brown, James "Wild" West - The Supreme Court of Anihilation!

Top 10

Doug Flutie - magic man

Tom Wilkinson - non athletic guy who beats the odds

Russ Jackson - we need a everyday Canadian QB again badly it's a reflection of
the CFL that is the elephant in the room

Mike Pringle - simply a huge weapon

George Reed - same as above

Jackie Parker - too many weapons and well ahead of his time

Angelo Mosca - A defensive character who brought grit and a face to remember .

Danny McManus - Loved that quick release

Anthony Calvillo - The proof is in the pudding a record career . He made that team
not just good but great .

Larry Highbaugh - The highly talented DB with Joe Hollimon and Dan Kepley that made passing a very dangerous thing to do against the mighty Eskimo Dynasty .

Sandy Beveridge--best name in CFL history,

Lyle Bauer....

You miss Stirling huh? Fond memories from 80+ years ago?

henry burris
andre durie
chad kackert
jon Cornish
john pankratz
Anthony parker
tony cherry
harry holt
john henry white
sean millington

Condredge Holloway
Terry Greer
Kevin Eiben

Doug Flutie

John Cornish
(I would love to "miss" Kyries Hebert for his flagrantly dirty/dangerous hits, but sadly that idiot is somehow still playing.)

Warren Moon
Brian Kelly
Neil Lumsden
Hank Ilesic

Mervyn Hernandez

Tom Clements
Tony Gabriel

Dieter Brock

Mike Pringle
Peter Dalla Riva

I have a long memory.


But that's all you have to say about my list of all-time greats?


Condredge Holloway - Yep, he was great. Remember "Wheels" on Degrassi Junior High wearing a CH jersey? I watch Tony Gabriel make his historic catch too. I guess I started following the CFL around 1973-74.

Dave Cutler

Lou Passaglia

Paul Osboldiston

Just so many greats eh!

George Dixon

Don Clark

Hal Patterson

Junior Ah You

and the ordinary superstar, Johnny Rogers

Hey Lyle, another great O-lineman that the Bummers pilfered from the Ticats back in the day was Larry Butler. I think he was an all-star every year that he played.

Jack Abendschan
Jim Germany
Larry Robinson
Al Wilson
Henry Williams