players with tatoos Why?

Why do football players get tatoos?

Aren't they short circuiting their market potential after their playing days are done?

Do they really expect to get jobs particularly in the health care/teaching fields after their playing days are done?

Don't they have cereal box toy surprise tatoos that can rub on and off that would be just as good?

Why do they do it?

Would you be inclined to go to a doctor or dentist with tatoos on their arms?

What other career fields put the applicant behind the eight ball if the person has a tatoo?

I don't get it.

There is no way you can be even remotely serious about this.

Actually, I am serious. Been thinking about this for quite some time.

The Flyin' Hawaiian guy has stuff all over his body.

I don't get it. Looks ugly. Looks uglier on a girl.

So? If you don't like it, don't get a tattoo. Their body, their choice to ink or not. If it bothers you that much, don't look. Seriously...I think you desperately need a hobby.

Get real. It's dumb.

Do you have one yourself?

Pretty sure this is his hobby. I have never heard of someone not getting hired because of tatoos. But i dont live in the 1950's.

Nope, and I never intend to get one, but I'm not so self-righteous that I'm about to tell others what they can and can't put on their bodies, and can appreciate ART over ink for the sake of ink. You need to grow up.

That's art??? Since when??? LOL

Holy closed-minded, Batman...

Players get tats for the same reason anybody else gets one.

Most people aren't discriminated against because of their tattoos. You'd probably have to look like Charles Manson (swastika on the forehead) to actually repulse most people.

Ok...what exactly is that reason?

If you look closely at Chad Owens when they zoom in on him he's got 'em all over the place!

i think someone is looking a little too close at chad owens.

I thought they were scars from a fire fight in Afghanistan/Iraq or maybe he was in some car accident from years ago.

I don't get it.

...I don't get the quadratic formula, but that doesn't make it wrong...

What does that have to do with tatoos?

Tatoos (from what I understand) are permanent. It's not like a goofy haircut or wearing goofy clothes that can be changed after a Halloween party.

It doesn't look professional to me at all.

What does this have to do with the CFL?

Wow. Seriously?

You indicated something shouldn't be done, because you don't agree with it (paraphrasing here, of course). You said you "don't get it." I replied with something else that exists that I don't get, but that doesn't mean it's wrong, thus drawing a comparison to what you had previously said.

Conversation tends to flow in ways such as this. Try to keep up, EZ-KK...

I was only referring to EZ, not yourself. i cant figure out why they call it taking a dump when your not really taking anything. too far?

...I suppose I should have quoted EZ in my reply. I wasn't meaning you. My bad!

Guess it only takes one retarded person posting (no names mentioned) to have a die hard riders fan and die hard stamps fan get along.