Players will be under close scrutiny !!!!

8) Well one thing you can put money on for sure is that every players performance will be closely watched and evaluated for the remainder of this season by Desjardins !! With his experience and great ability to assess players, he will quickly pick out any slackers and non-achievers on this team, and they will not be here next year !!!

He has already stated that he believes in a few player turnovers each year to keep the team hungry and fresh !!! It worked in Montreal, so it will happen here too, and I agree with that philosophy.

Notice has been issued to veteran players and newcomers ......... produce or be gone !!!

Bingo :thup: ...I don't think anyone will get a free pass!

I agree. I think the 'Cats don't give those out for the Labour Day game. There are a lot floating around for the other games though.