Players who work out for the NFL question?

Today I see that Luke Tasker is working out for the Packers. They can`t sign him yet but what if he becomes injured during a workout? Is the liability with the Packers? Or is it a case of to bad for Luke? Just curious.

By the way just in case you missed it Luke is the son of STEVE TASKER former NFL great! LOL

I don't have the specific answer in Luke's case (he could have some insurance or verbal or written assurance from GB) but in general any time a player trys out for a team and is injured it is usually too bad, so sad for the player.

Ever since NFL Europe folded I see way more players going back to the NFL as it seems that the only other option is Arena League for pro
Ball correct? Our CFL the last three years has produced lots of interest and signing of players stateside .

Sounds reasonable to me. The only thing that might cause an issue if he is injured is that he is still the property of the TiCats until Free Agency begins. Hoping we don`t have to find out.

I don't know the answer positively, but I would think that the NFL team would protect itself by making the player sign a waiver for injuries during the tryout. I doubt any player would turn down a tryout because they had to take a risk of injury.

I also don't know the definite answer, but the above makes sense to me. The bargaining power is pretty one-sided unless you're somebody like Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees.

"Here's a waiver to sign before we start. Or are you not interested in playing in the NFL?"

Once a player is actually under contract, he'd have some protection through the CBA, though I don't know the details. Chris Williams was injured in a pre-season game for Miami a few years back, and they paid him a settlement. Different kettle of fish from a prospect workout though.