Players who deserve props and Players who don't.

BRYANT TURNER DESERVES his own thread, dude is the internet really..

has all our sacks, 5 of em. that in itself is just.. Bryant Turner is truly the Chuck Norris of the winnipeg blue bombers because on D, this guy does it all. man. he's awesome, PROPS..

Demond Washington..

yes he fumbled, but he's pretty much instant field position, almost looked like the guy blocking for him on that one slowed him up abit, cant blame the guy, he's mr field posititon. PROPS

Chris Mathews.. Man, Mr Mathews is a speciman, GREG WHO indeed. props to Mr Mathews, im sure Mr Feeney is proud.

Feel free to throw out the names of those you feel deserve some PROPS.. its like some of them say, they check the forums, see what the fans are saying, maybe be nice for a change for them to hear about some good stuff for a change.

A little positive reinforcement doesnt hurt. Now onto some negative reinforcement.. :wink:

PLayers who need to step up...

Jovon, HEF i liked them more b4 i knew twitter existed really, little too outspoken for my liking, you are professionals, act like it, getting paid well for 6 months of the year.. seriously. STEP UP. GROW UP, and stop pretending you are in the hood, you arent, you get paid well, stop pretending GANGSTAS.. seriously, STOP PRETENDING.

Alex Hall <-- "get rid of the bum". sorry seems like a popular online comment.

Labbe/Muamba <-- muamba more so, dude, taken 1st overall, start to show it.. Labbe, well, he is what he's always been,a good backup MLB.

THE ENTIRE OLINE.. Specifically Taormina tho.. Seriously? like really? U start him over swiston? i mean really? This guy is a joke "get rid of the bum".

DORZON <-- for a guy who is so into god, man, can you really suck that bad ? WHERES YOUR GOD NOW.. ha just kidding.

Man is Washington fast. On that one play were the Esk was cruizing into the endzone (forget who) Washington came from the completely opposite side and closed in on him. He ended up the closest to him, and if the endzone were 5 yards deeper, would have caught him.

Matthews has made everyone in Winnipeg say Carr who? CFL rookie of the year.

Both are very humble guys as well.