Players to look at signing

Kevin Huntley DL 6'7" 270 lbs 31 years old
Djems Kouame WR 6'1" 185 lbs 24 years old
Pacino Horne CB 6" 183 lbs 29 years old
Elvis Akpla WR 6'1" 191 lbs 24 years old
Rico Wallace WR 6'3" 215 lbs 23 years old

Release Mcelveen or Coleman to sign Huntley

release Hargreaves to sign Kouame

release Collins to sign Horne

release Sisco to sign Apkla

release Riley to sign Wallace

Would we need to release a player for everyone we signed or is there room? I'm not sure! Not all of these would have to happen immediately obviously but these are players we should definately consider signing in the near future! Can never have enough recievers even though some wouldn't start they are still there for backup and for Huntley and Horne, they could fit right in the starting lineup with their skill I believe. Comment any other players you think we should sign or what you don't like about these players or the ones I recommend releasing.

Resulting posistion depth charts

WR: Smith 88
WR 2: Bagg 6
WR 3: Kouame 71
WR 4: Wallace
WR 5: Carr 84
WR 6: Akpla 38

DL: Huntley 95
DL 2: Chick 97
DL 3: Foley 95
DL 4: George 93
DL 5: Shologan 74

CB: Horne
CB 2: Maze 30
CB 3: Turenne 24
CB 4: Woldu 21

I Do not agree with any of those moves. Huntley would be the closest thing to agreeing I would have, but the Riders do not need any more 30 y/o players on the DL. Huntley would likely not fit within the budget.

Hargreaves is a 6-4 WR who can play a lagit TE in a big set...the club does not need a 6-1 WR, so I am not sure where Kouame would fit

Pacino Horne at best is a lateral move at CB and is undersized for a CB. If there is some room...sure, but I wouldn't cut for him, especially Collins, who at the same size and knowing the D could fulfill the same roll.

With Apkla...they have too much into Sisco at this point. It is make or break time for him...but sure, keep a guy like Apkla in mind if need be later in the season. I would rather Alexander get signed anyways.

Rico Wallace...I see no point...what is it that he did that impressed so much? Maybe he is an upgrade, I don't know. For the little he might be it would seem silly to break up chemistry already in development.