Players to Keep?

Now that we are out of the playoffs who do we keep?
Hitch and Morreale need to stay. They are local Canadian Players and have been great leaders of this team. I hope the new GM can see that. Both are great in the lockerroom. :rockin:

I can see both of those guys retiring in the off season.

I'm not saying the need to retire....just that I think they will.

They were way too late this year showing any signs of leadership.

Keep Hitch for special teams, send Morreale home.

If anything Morreale has had a better season than Hitchcock.

I started a thread on this recently

Desjardin's core players for 2007

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Resign Adriano, he is free in four weeks!!!

Can we get Jason Goss back here for 2007?

Played really well, and it was really unfortunate that he had to withdraw for family reasons. If his personal situation is cleared up, I'd love to see the guy come back.

(Note that he is a "special case" of personal reasons...not like some others who will go unnamed, that had to return home to the States to answer to courts of law, for instance!)

The only guys who should be guaranteed a spot in training camp for next year are:



-Clinton Wayne


In my opinion, these are the only players who have given 100% every time they’ve had a chance to make a play.

I agree that those are all good players to keep on the roster for next year but I have to add Ralph and Radelin as well, and Cotton played well and would have done better if he had not started the season with a cast.

Id add Smith and Dixon to that list, Smith has been hurt but it still a keeper, Dixon has played well in limited action.

When we talk about "must-keep" kind of players, I think we need to keep our good Non-Imports, and only worry about Imports who can be potential All stars.

Auggie, Kamu Peterson, Smith, Hage, Wayne, Dunbrack, Lumsden, and Flemming, being a non-Imports are valuable guys.
I don't think we have to keep Boreham, or Radelin.

Flick, Holmes, Cody, Gordon, and Armour are present/future all stars.

I feel that we could easily replace Donnelly, and Filice by Cheron types. Solid, but not All Canadian candidates.

I would like to see our "D" line get a make-over.
I would like to see an improvement in our imports on the line. Time to bring in some young beef!

Well the one list was players that should be guaranteed a spot in camp... i dont think many guys have guaranteed jobs lol