Players Ticats didn't sign

  1. For a few years now I have been begging the Ticats to get rid of Mike Jones.
    It appears that his dropped ball on the goal line sealed his fate as a guy that you can't rely upon. We will be in much better shape this year with Ungerer and Tyler Ternowsky.
    We might even go with all import receivers if we go national at rb.
    I can see Banks, Acklin, Posey, Tucker and Jalin Marshal as our receivers this year and make throw in Tasker if he eventually signs with us .

  2. All year I was screaming to replace / Upgrade our middle Linebacker Tuggle as he was doing nothing. At about week 5 super rookie and special team stud and ex Michigan State star Linebacker Chris Frey pretty much told me that they are going to give him a shot at middle linebacker. Then Frey got injured for the year which kept Tuggle in his role. Tuggle continued his mediocre play and he really layed an egg in the Grey Cup.
    That likely spelled the end for Tuggle in Hamilton. Frey would have replaced him but ex ticat all-star became available at a bargain price so Ticats bit and signed him for half the price of his last year's salary. I still see Frey as the Ticats MLB of the future.

  3. I have never liked Richard Leonard as teams always picked on him successfully.
    Last year he was an Eastern All-Star at Halfback so is value just went way up.
    The Ticats now have many better options to replace Leonard in Rico Murray, Rolle, Q. Ford, and Frankie Williams.
    In my eyes , with Leonard gone, teams will have no DB to pick on anymore.


thanks for sharing this

The new guy has just poked the "Gerbear" . Tsunami alert !!

Pat Lynch (hoping Mike Jones' torn labrum has healed)


Good laughs are hard to come by, these days.
Thanks Pat.


He wouldn't have been an all-star without an all-star season. I agree however that he likely wasn't due an increase in pay when there are cheaper, perhaps more talented players available. Obviously the team had the same opinion, or they would have re-signed him. :wink: :slightly_smiling_face: :mask:

What about a player that nobody drafted . Liam O'Brien TE 6'3" 230 St. Marys
might be back up insurance for Kalinic . A scout rated him as the best FB in the draft .

Pat Lynch (a wrinkle experiment gone bad)

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Since we are thin at Canadian receiver, why not consider Shamawd Chambers? Think he's still available. He played well for us when he wasn't injured. Good size, good hands and has experience.

I'm so ticked off with the TiCats because they didn't sign Rodgers and Brady as the QB tandem, five Earl Winfield (Praise Be His Name) clones at receiver, and two Grover Covington clones at DE...


LOL . As soon as I saw the title of this thread , I knew who the author was.

G-Bear never fails to disappoint . Hopefully we can get some semblance of a season going this year just to see if G-B was right and we hopefully did indeed sign the right players.

p.s............I do believe we certainly did sign the right players and even if it does comes with an asterisk I strongly believe when we hopefully play this season that we will be crowned 2020 Grey Cup Champions !!!

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Thanks for choosing Grover over Joe. We may be outnumbered on here.

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:sunglasses: Your not outnumbered here yet.....I choose Grover over Joe also !!

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Does anyone still have the all-time player list that a former(?) poster on this site Zuger9(?) once put out there? If so, posting again (and discussing among ourselves) will help us while away the time until the season(?) finally begins. :tiger: :wink: :football: :mask:

The list you're looking for may be one of these two:

Thanks, but sadly no. The list "Zuger9" put together was a (not quite consensus of this motley crew) all-time team by position, for example Henley, I believe, was the starting Middle Safety, and Paul Bennett was the punt returner. Since some players were naturally left off the list it led to good-natured discussion why your favourite deserved to be the starter and the other posters did not. :wink: :football: :grinning: :mask:

This may not be it, either, Mike, but it is a list that might prompt some discussion.:

Try this one .

The nice thing about it is , it has the alphabet at the top, so hit "C" and find Cosentino . I think Mark or Ottawacat gave me this URL ' a long time ago .

Pat Lynch (the computer un-nerd)

You are right. Not what I was thinking of specifically, but definitely correct in spirit. Thanks so much big "o". :grinning: :mask:

Thanks to you as well, small "P". :grinning: :mask:

And here it is. I have it on my bookmarks!

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