Players still leaving riders?

It seems former rider players keep showing up in rival markets, and still are playing at the top of their game. Why are we still losing these quality players to other teams ? I guess it’s not so rosey in riderville. To small of a market ? To small on the pay ?

It’s more cap related I suspect

Good players want the best pay they can leverage and in a cap world that means tough choices for teams and some top players move on……


Riders bring in players too. You just don't notice it this year because Bishop and Dean went down on the first day of camp. Bishop was supposed to be starting rush end and Dean at mack. If Bishop had 3 or 4 sacks by now and Dean was in the top 5 or so in tackles it would mitigate much of this talk. Not that this talk isn't warranted.

A football player couldn't find a better place to play than on a 'football crazy' province like Saskatchewan. Larger cities simply provide more of the same sort of services in different subdivisions. The roar of Rider Nation is something you can't find everywhere.