Players selected by Als in 2013 CFL draft

In the upcoming CFL draft-to be held May,6 2013- the Als will select 8 players,i.e. 2 in round 1,1 in each round 2,3,5 and 6 and 2 in round 4. While there are many players that we do hope the Als will select,there are/will be 8 other teams selecting,although Ottawa will select in only the first 4 rounds and they shall select only NCAA Juniors. From here till draft day, there could always be changes in the draft selections because of trades.

Based on today's information, I do list the 8 players that I feel the Als will/could select; you are all invited to make your selections; we can't select more than 8 players; from here till draft day,anyone can change his selections. I do list my selections on alphabetical order and also include their University.

Nicolas Boulay- LB 6.0,220 Sherbrooke
Mike Edem-LB/DB 6.1,200 Calgary
Brandan Gillanders-RB 5.11,203 Ottawa
Seydou Junior Haidara-WR 6.1,215 Laval
Brett Jones-OL 6.2,294 Regina
Elie Ngoyi-Dl 6.5,270 Bishop's
Ryland Smith- DB 6.1,198 Bishop's
Brent Urban- DL 6.7,280 Virginia Junior Player.

It will be interesting to compare our selections with the Als selections, on May 6,2013.


We have 7 picks. We gave up one of the sixth rounder for Jerome Messam.

Montreal traded their sixth round selection- pick-#49- to Edmonton for RB Jerome Messam,

Edmonton -Eric Tillman-traded their sixth round selection-pick #47- to Montreal for OL Dylan Steenbergen.

The Als do have 8 picks,as of today, in the upcoming 2013 CFL draft.


Making 1 change to my list of yesterday.

Excluding/Omitting: Brandan Gillanders-RB

Including/Adding: Isaac Dell- FB 6.1,218 Wilfrid Laurier.


Here is a fun read on the upcoming draft for the Als.

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Very exciting draft for us, with so many picks and two first-rounders in particular. I would love to see us draft a Philion type to anchor the D-line for years to come. I'm also hoping that guys like Adebayo, Pall, and (sigh) Ihekwoaba show something this season.

We will get at least three terrific prospects at 3,5,14 that's for sure possibly even four.

What does Jim Popp do with Gaydosh, Charles, and D`Aguilar? These are the most seductive d-linemen. There is also OT Matt Sewell in this category, but we have enough depth on the o-line.

They could be signed as NFL free agents when the NFL draft ends on Apr. 27. So do you still take a chance on one of them with one of our 1st round picks? Or do you make a safer but less talented choice?

I guess that`s why Popp gets the big bucks.

Everyone is in the same boat. At least this year teams will have a better read of where prospects stand going into the draft. I think Gaydosh and Sewell will be gone by the time we pick at 3 and then well there will still be lots of top notch guys. Urban,Aguillar,Prime,Lokombo,Charles,Muamba,Joseph. We will likely get 3 out of that bunch. Not a bad picking.

On May 6,2013,-CFL draft day- CFL teams will know if players such as Gaydosh,Charles,D'Aguilar and Sewell have been signed as NFL free agents; if so, it will definitely alter the CFL draft/teams selections.

Presently,I assume that these players will be signed to free agents contracts by NFL teams; this explains why,in my earlier predictions/assumptions of which players the Als will select, I did omit any of these four players. I included Elie Ngoyi,since the Als need a DT.

If Gaydosh,Charles and Sewell have not been signed by NFL teams,one of these players will be selected by the Als with their first selection in round 1. With their second selection in round 1, I expect the Als to select WR Seydou Junior Haidara.

In three weeks from now, we will have a better idea if eligible CFL draftees have been signed by NFL teams.


Signing a NFL contract doesnt necessarily means the player makes the team or even practice roster. So even if signed do you take a chance on a stud d-lineman like Gaydosh, Charles, or DAguilar?

And if so what round? 1st? 2nd?

Agree that signing a NFL contract does not guarantee the player that he will be retained,either as active player or practice squad player; nevertheless, I would not select a player in round 1 if he has been signed by an NFL team. Less problem after round 1.


I think Haidara is a reach with #5. I doubt very much the Als would take him at five, I thnk they are much more likely to go to another DL or LB. Maybe at 14 or 23...I think it is even likely that Haidara will return to Laval for a fifth year.

Well that is the million dollar question. Depends who else is left on the draft board too. If you look at the Argos, they will never see Cory Greenwood or Luke Wilson. The Als will likely never see Phil Blake, Vaugh Martin or Tyrone Crawford. Edmonton won't see Austin Pasztor, BC won't see Danny Watkins.

More than ever a prospect's value in the CFL draft takes a huge drop if he signs or is likely to sign with an NFL team. A supplemental pick like the Als gambled on Tyrone Crawford is no big deal but the Argos spending their top draft picks year after year on players they will never see really hurts a team. The Ray for Pasztor deal made Tillman look like a complete fool.

Tyrone Crawford was never drafted by a CFL team,in 2012,nor was he a supplemental choice by the Als.

Since no team selected him, the Als/Jim popp added him to their negotiating list.


Exactement. Popp a eu la sagesse de repêcher Blake et Martin loin dans le repêchage, contrairement à Rita qui a gaspillé ses premiers choix en prenant des gars qui avaient peu de chances de venir jouer dans cette ligue.

The NFL is scouting Canadian players more, there are more of them in the NCAA every year and the bigger rosters in the NFL entices them to look at guys like Charles who are very athletically gifted but need to be coached technique. IMO to waste a 1st or 2nd rounder on a guy you might never see is a mistake. League is too competitive and players only sign a 1+1 to begin with. So waiting on a guy who is at risk of getting injured while playing in another league then having to give him more money (Corey Mace) because he's sitting on a decent bank account only to maybe have him two years is hardly worth it.

I would think that the top 5 players will be selected by the NFL, I would not touch these guys unless, for some unknown reason, the NFL does not draft them. Unfortunately, the NFL often selects players that do not make it in the Big League. For example I’ll list a few of them the NFL did pick up in free agency but, were pretty quick to discard early in their training camps. To illustrate, in 2010 the NFL signed Ihekwoaba and Matte to contracts but, released them rather quickly. Frankly, they did not appear to be realistic NFL prospects, by most of us, which turned out to be true by the quickness of their real release. Having not experienced CFL training camps, these NFL released players would be slower to fit in with the Canadian team that drafted them. Another example is Pat Woodcock, who joined the Als too late in 2001, to make a contribution that year. I can only hope that the NFL would be more realistic in their CIS choices and, select those players who are without doubt NFL material.

I like Richards choice of Elie Ngoyi and at DL as a safe bet. And I wonder if D’Agular is too small, at 240, as the NFL defensive ends usually are larger 300 lbs bodies. We do still need a NI receiver. Haidara was ranked at number 47 in the CIS according to 2012 stats. Would he be the best of the CIS receivers? Of interest might be Mike Dicorca who missed the CIS last year. He was great in the CIS in 2011 but, what of his health now? Has his rehab been successful? If so, he has to be a prime NI prospect. At least, the NFL draft is a little later than ours. Will they be quick to announce their CIS selections? Hopefully so!

O-Line in the CFL is like D in the NHL and pitching in MLB, you can NEVER have too much.

The NFL draft is not later but rather earlier-April 25 to 27,2013- than the CFL draft.-May 6,2013-.

I don't expect Gaydosh,Charles,D'Aguilar and Sewell to be drafted by NFL teams; however, they could be signed as NFL free agents in the few hours/days after end of NFL draft.