Players salary contribution fund

How about a contribution fund in which anyone can contribute, but mostly aimed at businesses who support and love sports. To contribute to the fund to add to players salaries, or a pension fund, so we can get more money in the players hands. To be run and funds distributed by a financial organization. Or with the players association and the league to somehow enhance their pay. This is just the basic idea. But since just selling tickets is a hard sell in some spots. Maybe this idea has some merit. ? There are people who want to preserve the league, maybe they will step up ? Crazy or what ?

The CFL is going to have to convince businesses to do this. They should be looking for sponsorship dollars non-stop. They should be trying to convince businesses to either buy season tickets for their employees or for charity. I was hoping that they were already doing this but this post makes me wonder if the CFL is too cheap to hire salesmen

Yes either promote more or try something else,.

I get your sentiment but don't think it would work. CFL salaries reflect CFL popularity. The only way to put more money in their pockets is through promoting the game. Season tickets, corporate tickets, clothing, TV and radio. You would be trying to take the same dollars from business's advertising and self promotion budgets just to give it to players without increasing popularity.