Players remaining from the 2014 Grey Cup team

In the wake of the CJ Gable trade, and with speculation about more changes to come as we rebuild, I thought we should track how many players remain from the mini-glory days period of our most recent Grey Cup appearance. Based on depth charts from 2014.

Offence: 10 players. Collaros, Masoli, Fantuz, Tasker, Banks, Prime, Filer, Rice, Aprile, Crawford.

Defence: 6 players. Laurent, Atkinson, Lawrence, E. Davis, Stephen, Daly.

Total: 16 players remaining from 2014.

(Interestingly, doing the same count based on some rosters from late-2015, which was also a pretty good year for us, added only two more names: Toliver and Bomben.)

Pat in 2014, the new CBA eliminated the 1+1 club option contracts for players with over 1 year in the CFL, Plus the Cap went up $600K in 2014, It basically freed up veteran players to go to other teams or the NFL.
In 2015 the Cap went up $50K