players released around the CFL

According to the the following was taken off there site:

The BC LIONS have released the following players:

Otis Amey (WR)
Josh Bean (LB)
Melik Brown (DL)
Trestin George (DB)
Darren Marquez (OL)
Mike McEachern (S)
David Mills (LS)
Kyle Mitchell (DL)
Matt Morencie (OL)
Caesar Rayford (DL)
Damian Sims (RB)

The SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS have released the following players:

Nuvraj Bassi (DL)
Todd Blythe (WR)
Jeff Bolen (K/P)
Brandon Childress (WR)
Jason Geathers (RB)
Sasha Glavic (DB)
Juan Joseph (QB)
Casey McGahee (WR)
Sam Olajabutu (LB)
David Patterson (DL)
Brandon Perkins (LB)
Brad Peters (OL)
Byron Ross (WR)
Seante Williams (DL)
Jerron Wishom (DB)

The TORONTO ARGONAUTS have released the following players:

Patrick Afif (OT)
Tyler Ebell (RB)
Nick Hannah (LB)
Kenny Higgins (WR)
Pete Hunter (DB)
Kevin Huntley (DL)
Ben Ishola (DE)
Sammy Joseph (CB)
Matt Lambros (WR)
Kinsmon Lancaster (WR)
Todd Lowber (WR)
Jerome Mathis (WR/KR)
David McMillan (DE)
Kenny O’Neal (WR/KR)
Zachary Pollari (OL)
Stephen Reaves (QB)
Cleannord Saintil (WR)
Gordon Sawler (OG)
Brad Smith (WR)
Da’Shawn Thomas (RB)
Chris Van Zeyl (OL)

The MONTREAL ALOUETTES have released the following players:

Blue Adams (CB)
Rodney Hardeway (DE)
Frantz Hardy (WR)
Kevin Marion (WR)
Robbie Powell (OG)
Chris Rutledge (OT)
Jay Staggs (LB)
Joshua Thompson (DT)
Jamaine Winborne (LB)

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Marcel has 10 minutes left, hopefully he knows who he’s keeping by now lol

i hope so too… i hope they do keep marquay mcdaniel and drisan james as well as david ball. They looked pretty good I think. As for the linebackers, since it sounds like Siskowic was released…looks like Barrenchea, Knowlton and Floyd and Mariuz will be our main linebackers. They probably also thought that Dennis Haley looked a lot better then Siskowic.

I'd be shocked if Ball didnt make it, Siskowic was a bit of a surprise considering how good he was on the special teams and i always felt they should have tried him at defensive end.

Sorry but if Mariuz is starting at LB for us, we're in trouble. Ray tries very hard and he's good on ST, but he is NOT a starting LB no matter who wishes he was.

I feel the same way about Auggie, he always looks like he's running half speed.

Maybe then...Otis Floyd, Markeith knowlton and Dennis Haley should be our starting linebackers.

That wouldn’t be too bad if the ratio works so as to play 3 import LBs…


They will be, we'll have 5 canuks starting on o that leaves just 2 for defence, our safety and hopefully defensive tackle.