Players Reading Boards

Do You Think The Ticat Players Really Read These Boards? Thoughts?

No. Except for comic relief perhaps.

I wouldn't!

They do even though they probably shouldn’t.

You bet your ass they read these boards, although they may not admit it.

they definately read them....ive talked to a couple of the guys and they get a kick out it....they obviously dont take them too seriously because 99% of the stuff on here is horse*&($

Mine's not newworld, I'm surprised that I haven't been offered a position with the club yet, everything I say makes absolute perfect sense.


lol hey you may have a point...i apologize i should have let you know that you were the 1 percent!

you mean, football players can read :o :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

Hey, but look at how far Theismann got and well, he ain't exactly Norman Einstein as they say.


i think we all know football players can read....footbal why dont you type your address and real name down and we can find out.

Yes, it's common for the players and coaches to read the site. Rarely do they post (there are exceptions) and even then only a couple own up to who they are.

I dont know about these boards, but I know some post on other other boards.

Jason Clarmont on Lionbackers for instance.
I beleive a couple of eskimos post or have posted on esksfans. would that work exactly???

If you suggesting that I would get visited by some of them, that would be great. Only how would I keep the rest of you riff raff from showing up :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted: :lol:

Relax everybody!....For quality, sound advice the players and coaches only pay attention to my posts anyhow....

:D :lol:

That might explain are dismal won/lost record the last 2-1/2 years.


And your 5 second response explains why I posted that Mike......I love "predictable"...


Lest we forget that D.J. Flick posted here in the old incarnation of, so yes, some do.

Oski Wee Wee,