Players prefer Joe over Wally?

Interesting article in Slam ... 0-sun.html about how Freddie Moore prefers to be playing for 5-5 Ottawa over 9-0 BC because Wally Buono isn't a very nice guy. I find this rather interesting that some players are happier being with a poorer team. I guess it just goes to show that a happy employee is not always a more productive employee. All things being equal, it would be nice if the team was both winning AND happy, but if I am a fan of the team, I think I would rather take the wins, thank you very much.

I read Moore's comments in the Province. While we never know what goes on in the dressing room, I just wrote it off as sour grapes. There was an UNPROVEN rumour floating around (The talk shows) regarding Moores departure, but Wally never told the media officially why he was let go.

Hmmmmm, there were a lot of smiling faces on the BC bench tonight, cant say I noticed to many on the Ottawa sideline...

Ask the fans which team and coach they'd rather have!

I'll take David Braley and Bob Ackles over Loonie Glieberman and Forest Greg any day!

I think it's only a good PR move that a player will always say he prefers his current coach whatever he really thinks.

Unless there's a known open battle between a coach and a player. Like now, I don't think Megna would say the Don would be his first choice. But most Alouettes would, if only to keep their starting job.

I'd say most CFLers would love to play for Wally right now, except perhaps those who were recently cut by him.

Thats true. Any player had better say that his current team is the one where he wants to play. Virtually all players (and coaches) are going to deliver some cliche for public consumption. That being said, why do even listen to what they have to say? Is it only in the unlikely event that they will say something really stupid? lol

I know I'd rather have Buono over Paopao. Of course, I'd rather have a quality team like BC's, too.

Coaches like Buono and Matthews don't need to be nice guys because they win. And that's something Paopao has never done.

True. Though I remember a few years back. When the season was nearly over and a reporter discussed with soon-to-be Alouettes' free agents, Mark Washington said up-front that he loved Montreal but always wanted to live in BC. He said he already had a house in Vancouver and would become a Lions the next year would they make him an offer (which they did). I don't remember anyone being mad at him for expressing such a thought.