Players or the Coaching?

So. has this latest debacle been happening because our players are not playing hard and giving a full 100% through 60 minutes? or is our coaching just not that good! are we getting out coached?

Special teams is really, really killing us.

Or might it be a combination of the two ?

The Riders' special teams are anything but . . .

ever since Coach Miller made the CALL to punt the ball through the endzone for a single point and not kick a field goal it seems as if the whole team went into the tank ?
I believe firmley believe that the problem lies with both the players and coaches, and if EVERYONE puts their EGGOS aside and does whats BEST for the TEAM and takes care of their responsibilites I believe that we can and will advance to the Western final,

protect your QB at all costs and put the fear of god in theirs :twisted: and this is what we are not doing: :oops:

this is an easy excuse that I am sick of hearing
. The Riders squeaked by an Esks team that was really struggling in week 3. They had the Stamps on the ropes in week 4 but got crushed in the 2nd half and lost huge. They were a really stupid fumble on the one away from potential loosing at home to Hamilton. They had a good game in week 6, a wonderful battle in a loosing cause in Montreal, followed by beating up on the Lions. In week 9 they played absolutely pathetically against the still struggling Esks and lost 17 - 14. They snuck by on Labour day, then got throttled in the Banjo Bowl (2 rouges!!!).


Then the punt happened. (which, by the way, was Daley`s call...rewatch the end of the game on will see him sway Miller...and hey...that is why a ST coordinator is there!)

After that, they won their next 2 games. So, how was the punt to blame! it is a lousy excuse. Barring games against the Stamps and the Als, the Riders have played extremely poorly most of the year, and they still needed OT to beat either of them.

The offense is stagnant and uninspiring. They were the best O last year. Essentially OC Berry was the only significant offensive change over last year. Do the aint rocket science.
The D has went downhill. That, however, was expected with the players they lost

New staff is required.

On the bright side, not much attention from the NFL will go towards Riderville in the off season.

We peaked in week one against Montreal when we won. We if anything have regressed from that point. This team has folded in on itself and the shadows of past failures are haunting us once more. We had started to be a third quarter team, no longer are we.

Durant has if anything gotten worse rather than better. We all loved him when he was making weird over the head-facing backwards throws. But the magic fizzled, he has been revealed as being mortal.

The whole coaching staff needs to go. No emotion, no willingness to change no sense of control. The defence which used to be the strong point of this team has been badly neglected this year.

We have an unbalanced roster which favors the offence. Reason being, so we can hide all the Jordan Sisco's and Hugh Charles's from other teams prying clutches. So who suffers the defence as we don't have the additional players to keep the defence strong.

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