players on the site

hey ive been wondering, do you think cfl players actually come on the site to see what we write about them? haha i wonder what cloman thinks, he’ll probably quit football for good. HAHA GREAT!

I’am sure they do. These players got some time on their hands, and so does their family members.

I Question Some Of Them Having The Ablity To Beable To Get On The Site, They Are Football Players After All. There Have Been A Few Such As A Little Cousin Of Kenton Kieth (Or So He Claimed) And There Was Also A Player From nFL Europe That Was Interested In Trying His Luck At The CFL Although We Never Got A Name Out Of Him.

what the hell is that… leave those comments elsewhere.

alright then maccraken…

Don’t kid yourselves. It’d get pretty boring if you were a player reading what other people are saying.

I’d Think That It Would Be Pretty Flatterring To Have People Talking About You, I Get Excited When I See Someones Name I Know In The Local Section Of The Newspaper. Then Again It’s Pretty Rare To See Us Saying Positive Things About Players On This Site For Example Paul McCallum After Last Years Divisional Final. Although I Guess He Had Bigger Problems Then What People Were Saying About Him On The Internet.

I remember that! he’s site name was Gunner something, haven’t heard form him since.

id want to hear all the stuff people said about me, how could you ever get bored with that? gossip is great!

hey Kirsten I bet that robert Gordon could figure out how to post on here :wink: sorry to call you names and I will delete that post. all in fun.

–On the Stamps’ site, the team owner and prez Ted Hellard posts quite frequently. Tom Higgins did a little bit too before the season started. A couple of the players’ wives are semi-regulars, but they won’t reveal who their husbands are(obviously). I just started going on there about a month ago, and I hear in the summer a couple Stamps would come on. Burris apparenlty was on for a bit in the summer, as well as last year’s Rookie of the Year, WR Nik Lewis. It’s actually a pretty good site, I’m shocked how many people in the organization show up on there, its quite impressive actually!

He said his name was Omar. So if there’s a way to browse the list of NFL Europe players for the 2004 season, you might spot him.

Between What 3rd&10, Kanga, And Myself Could Remember I Figgured That He Was An O-Lineman Named Omar Gunner. So I Went To The nFL Europe Site And Couldn’t Find Anyone With Omar Or Gunner Or Any Linemen With Omar Or Gunner As A First Name. His Username Was Gunner13 But He Hasn’t Made Any Reference To Where He Plays Aside From The Fact That He’s In Europe And At The End Of Each Of His Messages He Says Bye In Italian And Thanks In French, But There Aren’t Any Teams In Either Of Those Two Countries.

What would be even funnier is if some of the media come onto this site. I mean, could you imagine the look on the face of the CFL’s residential media “politician” Marty York if he saw some of the smack we’ve been talking about him in the past?

im sure some CFL people lurk here, i know Sean Fleming and Singor Mobley post at the esks site

maccraken, i would absolutely love it if robert gordon posted stuff on this site! and no need to delete posts, im not upset with anything you posted.

NP …it’s just not right to call a girl /lady a goof. I would never do that so I just straightened it out a little.

Wait A Second, I Thought You Were Making Those Comments Towards Me … Now I’m All Confused. :expressionless:

oh it was you :oops: I just looked at the reply that said Alright then mac…I assumed gordon 84 said that …Bamboo now it’s just GOOFY :slight_smile:

No, Your Right About That, Kristen Said The “Alright Then Maccraken” But It Was My Coment That Got You So Hot And Bothered In The First Place. My Point Wasn’t Referring To Football Players Generally, It Was More A Joke About How Difficult It Was For Most Of Us To Beable To Get Registered On This Site (I Know I Had Many Problems). But I Oviously Don’t Feel That Way Cause Right After, I Mentioned The Football Player That Was On This Forum. Needless To Say, Now It’s All Water Under The Bridge.