Players of the Week

Prediction time.... it'll probably never happen the way it should but meh

Daly 6 tckles 2 picks 1 sack 1 FF
Burris 32-36 426yds
Sinkfield/Tasker 100+ yards each and big boy touchdown(s) for each take your pick

I think Daly makes the list on the basis of those stats. The judges love to see success in multiple categories.

Sinkfield has a chance because his key catches were of the spectacular variety, and all were made when the game was still up for grabs, although a few more yards in the second half would have been necessary to make him a shoe-in. Tasker didn't have a TD.

Burris is a tough one. Great stats (other than TDs), but stats don't tell the whole story. When he needed to take his team down the field to salvage a win he didn't get it done. Once because he fumbled and then because he took a sack instead of heaving the ball - anywhere - on third down.

Collaros got it done every time he had to, but had his lowest completion % of the year. He also avoided sacks against the sack-leading defence. Personally, I'd give Zach the nod over Burris because he did what a QB is supposed to do, and that's lead the team to the end zone when it mattered.

In a week when the combined margin of victory in the other three games was 19 points and we won by 29 against the "best defence", it would be justifiable to see more than one Cat on the list again. But the only one I'd bet on is Daly.

People do not always use logic when making decisions. I hope the judges do use it this week. :thup:

I could see Sinkfield as he had 2 TDs. I think that as well as Zach played, his lower completion percentage will leave him out of the running this week. Tasker for sure makes the Keg size plays in the top five and maybe even #1.

Derel Walker EDM 183 receiving on 14 catches in just his second game - against a very good D - Just another thought, but he didn't score a TD either.

they'll probably go with Burris. a surprise visit from good Hank should surprise a few into voting for him

I'd say we got our due in the KegSize Plays of the Week. Hard to argue with getting 4 of the 10 plays.

Highlight for me: this is the first time I noticed that Bomben went long on one of Sinkfield's TD catches. Bomben actually appeared to draw a defender's attention away from Sinkfield, no doubt because he is such a threat to score on every play. :slight_smile: Gutsy play all around: after Bomben left his man to rush the QB completely untouched, Zach still rolled out that way with zero protection.

Watch around the 3:25 mark of the video.

Just watched it. I think Bomben was lined up as a TE eligible which is why he was in the end zone.

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

It almost looked like he was going to be open on the play, and I think you're right, one of the defenders shaded over his way.

Wow, so i was hedging my bets by going with Burris, didn't think they'd allow for a ticats sweep

Daly, Zach and Sinks congrats boys

Yup - good to see a Ti-Cats sweep.

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost · 2h2 hours ago
#Ticats sweep #CFL performers of the week: @ZCollaros7, @DalyNews8, @Solo_Sink2 all honoured.

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Congrats to Daly,Collaros and Sinkfield - all very deserving Players of the Week! :smiley: :thup: :thup: :thup:

If we keep getting this kind of recognition, how are we all going to maintain our Rodney Dangerfield self image?

same here

pretty awesome! :rockin:

It says here that Daly actually had 7 tackles, so even better:

Daly is the first Canadian to take the #1 spot in the new weekly awards format.

Nice numbers! Quite an improvement from our Red Zone problems of last year:

Arash Madani ?@ArashMadani 16h16 hours ago
Zach Collaros leads #CFL in passing yards (2,339), yards per drive (27.9), points per drive (2.49), and % of drives ending in a TD (21.9).