Players of the Week

At an 8-6 record, you'd think we'd have our fair share of POW winners in 2012. However, the link here shows we had one winner in week 1 and one winner in week 15. I could be corrected.....however...

[url=] ... -week-2012[/url]

...I think this speaks volumes to a 'team' effort and execution of scheme / game plan going in. When you think about all the defensive starters who lost games and we still are a top defense statistically, it's remarkable we haven't had 'player of the week' standout performances at least in any of the last 5 games we won. Even in the Labour Day blowout, we didn't get a POW.

Personally, I like it. We're sneaking up on teams and they don't have to key on a few game breaking individuals....they have to prepare for the entire roster. Big test this week against a hungry Eskimo team on their turf. Stay focused.

I hadn't looked into it, but was actually thinking about it the other day. It is rather remarkable really. They have lost a lot of players and continued to fill the holes, sometimes with chemistry actually improving because of it.

That speaks mountains for the staff!