Players of the Week??

I stand corrected but I don't recall any Rider being named Player of the Week this year. If it's true, it's a testament to the team attitude they've built this year. On the other hand, how does a 6-0 team NOT get at least one player named?? Correct me if I'm wrong please. Couldn't find the list for 08 so far.

Cates and Durrant deserve to have one but alas not yet.

Wes Cates did receive Player of the Month from the CFLPA for July. His consisitent high level of performance this year was finally recognized.

Its becuase the riders are truly playing as a team. No one is putting themselves above the rest.

Ill take the 6-0 over players of the weeks anyday. Ad for what its worth, Cate was runnerup this week

I will take 6 - 0 over player of the week any time but I still can’t believe that the way Durant played in his first game wasn’t enough or the way Cates has played especially this week wasn’t enough.

I can't see any Riders being picked because they didn't blow Calgary out. Our guys play consistent, not flashy, and because of that, they get overlooked. That's okay, I bet they'd rather get the award(s) at the end of the year instead!

I say Wes Cates, and Darian Durrant