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no ticats.

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Correction: One Ticat

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RB - Jesse Lumsden - Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Hamilton Tiger-Cats 32 @ Toronto Argonauts 12

Highlights / Key Stats:

Jesse Lumsden had one of his best games in the CFL as he ran for 189 yards and two touchdowns on 20 carries against the usually tough Argonaut defence. Lumsden terrorized the defence all day, running powerfully inside and showing his breakaway speed in the secondary. He also had a reception for five yards. Lumsden had four runs of more than ten yards including a 57 yard TD to seal the win.

On the season, Jesse Lumsden has 29 carries for a league high 225 yards. He has rushed for a 7.8 yard average and 2 TDs.

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Lumsden - Cdn. of the Week

Jesse had to be a close runner up.

I figured ray was gonna be offensive star for sure but wasnt sure about the others but they are ok also, hard to go against wake and dorsey had a good day also.

680 News was trumpeting about Dorsey all afternoon, without a word on the others

They give J.L. a Token Canadian Player of Week . He ran over the Argos.
Why was Not one of our Hoogies not Linemen of the week.

This is Awfull

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: why dont you stop looking at things through rose colored glasses there are other teams and players in the cfl who also had a good or great game too

I really can't figure it out either. 189 yards rushing against the "supposed" best D against the rush. Tiger-Cat fans sit back and enjoy the rest of the league eat "crow" this season as Lumsden rips apart this league.

They almost always pick QB's for Offensive player of the week. You have to set some sort of single game record AND have the QB's do awful for a week to give it to another offensive position.

Jesse had 189.

Printers had 32.

Smith had 70 something.

No sacks.

I'm with Onknight...something is wrong with that picture.

Like dust in the wind dude. :thup:

Just speculating here, but I'm going to say that the reason a Ticat did not win the Lineman of the Week award is because there is no such award.

Earl Your Right but use to be wounder Why there is Linemen of Week award anymore .


To say Ricky Ray was not deserving with that spectacular, game winning, performance would be wrong.

Either Jesse or Ricky should have won it. You couldn't go wrong with either.

Why wasn't Tre Smith the Special Teams Player over Dorsey. Yes Dorsey had more returns, that usally happens when you are on the losing end.