Players of the week?

I can't find them anywhere on the internet but I read on another message board that the Stamps took 3 of 4. It's a given that Canadian of the week is Thelwell, but there's about 5 really good candidates for the offensive award, who gets it?

Burris, Armstrong, Glenn, Joseph, Smith?

Canada, George, anyone else?

Special Teams:
Holmes, Prefontaine, McCallum?

Ryan Thelwell - guaranteed!

What do you guys think?

Offense-Joe Smith with Derek Armstrong the runner-up.

Defense-Tom Canada in a umanimous selection

Special Teams- Corey Holmes with McCallum the runner-up

Canadian-Thelwell, another unaminous decision.

You are clearly nuts Sambo:)...Im sure others will echo that sentiment...the REAL players of the week are up finally.


And both of you guys.....What exactly did Corey Holmes do to earn your nominations? Dont give me his stats either, I've seen them.


Players of the week come from 4 different teams. Offense Joseph. Defense Philips. Canadian Thelwell. Special team Prefontaine. All worthy choices.

He caught the ball on both KO and punts and returned it on average 15-20 yards each time, hence suggestion for ST award. Oops sorry I threw out a stat similar to TD, interceptions, # of tackles.

i think that armstrong deserved offence over joseph. although joseph had a very strong game armstrongs 205 yard on 12 catchs with 2 tds is probably going to be a top game for any reciever this year.

I would say any of the three potential offensive players named for POTW would have had a legitmate claim. I think the nod to Joseph was because, he engineered the come from behind victory and scored the winning touchdown. Overall he had a great game.

At least I made predictions, and I DID get one correct (Thelwell).

Yeah, and I know my shades have a hint of green to them Im sure although I am looking at this as normally as I can, but I think the edge should go to Kerry. He passed for a lot of yards (yes Kevin Glenn threw for more), but he laso ran for 74 yards and when it came down to it, he kept his poise and scored that 27 yard touchdown. He got it because of the win. Had the Bombers win, I believe Armstrong would have won the award.

Exactly so.
It was the win, but I think more importantly, the way we got the win.
Game winning, 90 yard last minute drives, especially with the big run to finish are the things legends are made of, let alone player of the week awards.

Joseph definitely deserved the award, and I don't think anyone saw that run coming. I know I didn't...

So why should Joe Smith be punished for giving the Lions a 30 point cushion? I don't understand this logic. Kerry Joseph had a superb game, no denying that. He did not, however, give his team the type of comfort that #33 did for the Lions. A game that once looked close was over early in the third quarter, and that was because of one player.

He shouldn't be punished for tearing the Alouettes apart the whole game through.

Who said he's being punished? Was he given a time out after the game? C'mon...

I would have given it to Joe Smith.

The answer is, not everyone thinks that allthings "Lion" are automatically the best.
For someone to even look at the awards this week and the conclusion they reach is "Joe Smith is being punished"?
What was your logic again?
He would have got more yards if he had played more?
I think I used this word before, and may continue to use it.


Give him a break...he's 73! I'm amazed he's found his way onto the internet....

Derick Armstrong would have gotten the award if Joseph had not anyways.

It always hurts a players chance in a blowout because he's not going to be playing right until the end, besides I thought I read somewhere that he asked Wally if he could leave the game early to catch a flight somewhere.

Joe Smith had a great game. Joseph gets the nod because he also had a great game and of the last minute “heroerics”.

I don’t think anybody gets “Punished” on player of the week awards.

I guess Smith got "punished" again as Burris is player of the month, with KJ getting the runner-up.

The Leos just get no respect!!