Players of the week...

My picks:

  • OFFENCE: Charles Roberts (WPG)
  • DEFENCE: Maurice Lloyd (SSK)
  • LINEMAM: Eric England (TOR)
  • SPECIAL: Marcus Howell (CGY)

What's yours?...

Offence - Kenton Keith (no fumbles like Sir Charles, and his team won)
Defence - Maurice LLoyd (If this guy doesnt get the award then I dunno what I'll do...)
Lineman - Eric England (sounds good to me!)
Special - Marcus Howell (was able to capitalize on horrible punting)

jman135 has it right. I'd take Keith over Roberts. Lloyd was a mad man out there!

I don't know, 179 yards rushing? Wpg almost won with Robert's rushing alone.

But they didn't win.
KK's yards from scrimmage was 169. Very similar to Roberts' 179. Both had 2 touchdowns. It seems the deciding factor is the fumble. However you may consider the "sure touchdown" pass drop by KK to cancel that out. Too close to call.

When you weight the relative importance of a guy, it seems to me that the Riders could have faired well even without Keith. Take away his 76 yards scamper, the Riders sitll scored enough points to win. Any back could have gotten the second Keith TD.

On the other hand, the Bombers would have been crushed and severely humiliated had they not have Roberts. Hence my choice...

Maurice Lloyd would be a great pick for both the Defence and the Special Team Awards. He was simply huge, particularly in the second half. He almost single handedly stopped the return game in the second half.