Players of the week

Am I just a homer or have the Lions been under represented in player of the week selections? When Simon was the best player on the field in a huge defeat of the 2nd best team in the league and Troy Davis wins when he his team loses again? The Lion Players have won a fair amount of times but then they have been the best team since about week 5 by a healthy margin. Take a close look at the past weekly winners and what do you think?

I agree. I was actually quite shocked that no Leo members made the cut this week.

I agree that Troy Davis should be O player of the week, his 180+ yards rushing was amazing to say the least.

But on the line, and on the D, at least one Leo should have been picked, with at least one other Leo getting an honourable mention.

and I think Ruffin should have gotten the ST spot. He was getting great returns all night last Friday.


...maybe it wasn't a function of how good the Lions played but moreso how bad the Stamps played....perhaps the sports writers who vote for these awards thought 'hell, my son's HS team could've beat the stamps the way they played'....

I think your son's HS team could have beat the Riders too the way they played. son's HS team plays in 3.5 hours, I'll let you know tomorrow how they look....

Perhaps the Stamps and Riders should have played each other last week.....

I think the Lions didn't get any personal awards, because it was such a team effort.
No one Lion defensive or line player stood out.
They were just all solid.
And it could have been Geroy as offensive player, but he just got it the week before and Troy Davis likely had one of the best performances by a RB this year, so it was tough not to recognize that.