Players of the Week

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Otis Floyd? Comon!!
Thats horse crap!

Kyries Hebert should have had it hands down. Did they drop the ball on this one or what!!! :roll:

not even an honourable mention... BOGUS!

Well, did your guy get three forced fumbles and all them tackles?

Personally I have always looked at players of the week like the three stars in hockey


Yeah, they tend to be questionable ... I heard a while ago that they were picked by a single guy who watches the games on TV from Hamilton. I wonder if that's still the case ... hopefully not! (I doubt it, actually)

Maybe so, but someone takes those awards seriously…including the various teams and coaches.

I'm kind of curious who picks them.

Both ?

Maybe drummer and his media connections can do some detective work and find out who actually makes those selections.