Players of the week - Week 1

The first week being all played and done, who do you think earned this week honors?

My take on it: Edmonton teared down almost every part of the field.

  • Offensive player: Ricky Ray (Edm)
  • Defensive player: Rashad Jeanty (Edm)
  • Lineman: Cedric Scott (Edm)
  • Special team: Corey Holmes (Ssk)

Agree? Disagree? Who are your choices?

Corey Holmes is going to be the Player of the Week.

Geez Third pretty hard to argue those. Can you speak well in front of an audience? Perhaps you could replace Walby!..LOL

I would have picked those , but they should of had 1 from B.C.

for rot1313

see what I mean :wink:

all good picks Third.

very good picks, haha and its not just cuz i’m an eskies fan :stuck_out_tongue:

good picks 3rd&10

I would have picked DICKINSON.


id say jeanty for best lineman, and eiben for defensive

Uh no I dont see what you mean :shock:

That is part of YOUR PROBLEM… think about it… :wink:

hellothere, you are truly disturbing

You know, it would be nice if people knew how to debate with out insulting all the time…insults are not facts… :wink:

Try reading the other posts and then comment…

i read DICKINSON, and found it disturbing, no matter how many times i read it, its still disturbing

:lol: :lol: that is a good one. :D :D

Yes I understand
Wow some people have the nerve to disagree with you.
What kind of a world do we live in when people have, have, have, opinions

i don’t have an opinion. I just listen to Saskargo and Fox news, And they give me all I need

Hey Billy, Staying Dry planting trees in this wet BC summer?

Is SaskArgo Back? You Rider fans better head for cover…LOL

Staying Dry is impossible. It rained about 3/4 of the days this last month. Made outdoor work a little miserable, but whatever. I’m back in the golde land of Saskatchewan for a break right now.

and I don’t know if she is back or not. I hope so, I have had to rely just on Fox lately without her to tell me what is the truth

Well you know what they say about butts and opinions, and I deleted your message before I read it.