Players of the week, including the new QB of the week

Since when is a QB throwing for 400 yards more impressive then a reciever getting 240 yds. It is the Highest total of the year for any reciever and the 3rd highest in Rider history plus three Tds, vs a 400 yard game with 5 tds and a pic.

Hell if you want my opinion, and it is of course biased as is my right I think Joseph had a better game then Henry with 390 4tds and no pics, so if the Offensive player of the week automaticaly goes to a QB now then Kerry should have got it. Oh and Kerry also had 32 yds rushing with a TD.

Don't get me wrong Henry played awesome, I just don't think he was the best out there this week. especially not unanimously.

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Hamilton fans, please pass over my post.

Billy, maybe they thought that anyone (Me, a retired senior citizen included) Could catch 200 yards against Hamilton's defense, while Burris threw against a First place club.

I'm not saying its right, but its a theory.

You may be right Sportsmen but that type of consideration shouldn't enter into their deliberations. However, I think you may be underestimating Hamilton's secondary just a tad.

Having said all this there does seem to be a certain bias towards Burris when it comes to handing out these awards.

I have no trouble with Burris winning it - what makes one scratch their head though is that he won it in a unanimous selection. The fact that not one single member of the voting panel voted for Fantuz is beyond comprehension. Burris had a hell of a game - Fantuz had a career game. To put it in perspective he had double the yards expected in a good game - Burris would have to throw for 600+ yards to be considered a career game of equal proportion. Glad he won Canadian of the week but still should have gotten more then a few votes for Player of the week.

Wow, Im impressed. I knew Burris was a shoe in, out
two weeks, playing with a shoulder tightly wrapped,
half the play book torn out, and he still throws for
over 400 yds and 5 touchdowns.....amazing performance!

The one int was a deflected pass that probably should have been caught, but why nit pick.

Anyway good job for noticing Keron Williams who had
a huge breakout game. Awesome game K!!

Congrats also to Fantusz, even if it was against the worst team in the league. Good job!

I think the fact that Burris got it over Fantuz is crap! total and complete Crap!

But I think they figured, "oh it's his first game back since his injury and look what he did!!!" is what got it for him!

blah.. pffft.. to hell with the writers.

ya one would figure that a record book kind of day would have gotten a few votes for POW lol. Burris had a good game - Fantuz had a career game for most receivers. Now if Burris had 700 yards passing and 8 TD's in a game I could see giving him the unanimous selection, but a season best should not be a total shut out on votes for a Career game.

Why dont you just accept it, your player had a good
game, it just wasnt the best performance of the week.

Your jealousy is unbecoming.

why does every thread here have to turn into a flame?

And 400 yard passing with 5 TD is on par with 125 yards recieving and 2 TD's.... Can you with a straight face say that Fantuz shouldn't have gotten at least 1 lousy vote as POW?

Yes he should have got a few votes.

IMO there were 3 possible canidates for the award,

Burris who threw for 401 yards, completed 71% of passes and had 5 touchdowns and 1 Int

Joseph who threw for 392 yards, completed 64% of his passes, 4 touchdowns throwing, 1 running, 32 yards rushing, 1 fumble (recovered by Sask).

Fantuz 7 receptions for 240 yards and 3 touchdowns.

While I have no problems giving it to Burris. It is the unamious selection, demonstrates the weekly award is nothing more then a popularity contest. Burris got it for no other reason then coming back from a separated shoulder.

Giving it this way to Burris is no different then the week they gave the Canadian POTW to the guy who had 23 yards offence and 1 touchdown because (wait a minute for the Calgary fans to get up in arms)....he was a local boy making good. And where is he now 15 games later 89 yards total offense.

Everybody here has made good points.

I stated in the Rider forum that I would not be surprised at all if Burris wins it. He had a pretty darn good game and then you toss in the "feel good" story aspect to it that puts him over the top, it should NOT have be unanimous though.

What the selections say to me is that whoever selects these got together and simply said, let's give the offensive award to Burris, and the canadian award to Fantuz, as opposed to him winning both.

In the end it's fair in a goofy "only in the CFL" way.

They badly need to get that stupid Canadian of the week award out of there. If there was no Canadian of the week award Burris would not have been unanimous, if he would have won at all.
It makes the league look dumb. The players don't like it. Once they are in the league, they are just players, all at the same level.

It looks terrible when you have a bad week for Canadian players and the winner has 25 yards receiving…

Personally, I think 240 receiving yards and 3 TDs are more impressive than 400 passing yards and 5 TDs but that’s just me, and im biased :wink:

It was in the Herald the other day that Burris needed one more touch down to beat a previous record by a Stamp QB by the name of Flutie. And if he gets three more TD's he will beat another good QB's best record in 1997 for the Stamp one Jeff Garcia. Yep he does not deserve any credit what so ever.

This has nothing to do with anything at all. That has to do with Burris maybe getting in the hall of fame. What does Career Touchdown records have to do with offensive player of THE WEEK awards

Thats see 5 touchdowns against the 1st team in the east might have something to do with it. Oh and did I mention they beat the first team in the east. Brett Ralph had a career game as well against a very good defense. NO thats see Fantuz had an exceptional game against a team that has won two games this year. Gee I wonder why Billy?

And if we're going to start going down that road, who was 1 of those 2 teams and who was at quarterback for said team?

It doesn't matter that they beat Hamilton, Winnipeg doesn't exactly have the leagues best defense either, and their offense is irrelevant because it doesn't have a huge effect on what Burris does.

In the end it should come down to statistics. Did Burris have a good enough statistical day to win the award? Sure. To unanimously win the award? Nope.

REally the Bomber defense is nothing. I am sure the bomber fans will disagree with you. Remember they are in qst place your team is in 2nd place so with your reasoning your defense is not very good then.

May I suggest checking theses defensive stats tell me who has the better defense Hamilton or Winnipeg and please Dust I know you are smarter then that.