Players of the Week -- First reciever of the year!!!

Jamal Richardson took Offensive player of the week, for the first time this year, the honour went to a reciever.

12 catches for 128 yds and 3TD

I figure the league is over-compinsating for their lack of reciever in offensive player of the week and the fact they completely shunned Rodriguez last week. (Dressler put up 8 catches for 133 yds, Lewis put up 135 yards on 5 catches, Campbell had 128 yards in only 4 catches). Stegall never wins it either, and they always throw to him in the red zone.

Ben Cahoon - Top Canadian
Milton Collins - Defensive
Sandro D'Angelis - Special Teams

Rodriguez was not shunned…Porter recieved the honour and rightfully so! 430 yards passing and 5 TDs

Just maybe they need to pick the best receiver for the week make it another selection.

They could but then you need best back, best kicker best QB
I think its fine with the 4 catagories that they have now

Catagories they have now, more often than not, it turns into QB of the week award.

I say they could use a seperate QB and offensive, and add a lineman award. Would spread the recognition around more. It's not like their "official" recigonition is costing them anything, anyways (what did we decide the reward was? $25?)

With those numbers, I don't see how they could have given it to a QB. Congrats to him.