Players of the Month

Im not complaining, really Im not, but Im wondering how come a person who is picked as player of the week once is picked over a person who was player of the week twice as the player of the month… Just curious as to how that was determined…
And Cornish is really starting to rub me the wrong way since about mid-season last year… seeing a pretty big ego of late…

Cornish just cant handle the fact that he isn't the top running back in the league!!! :rockin:

What player was name Canadian Player of the Week and if not Cornish, who?

I think they were all deserving picks.

sheesh, dont bother starting a topic if you are not going to link to or post the info you are refering to. Without that I make some special effort to find out, I have no idea who you are talking about.

It’s because they look at overall stats and impact over the month’s totals, not who won the most POWs. Kyries Hebert had 31 tackles, seven sacks, one forced fumble and one fumble recovery. Renauld Williams had 22 tackles, six sacks, and one interception. Hebert clearly had the better month and that’s why he won.

I meant which player was the Canadian POW twice?

I was referring to the defensive player of the month.. Good explaination of how they are picked, as I was curious and that does make sense. Thanks for the explaination
the Cornish comment was a side comment. And it is just my opinion.

:thup: :cowboy:

Kory named Offensive Player of the Month and Sask gets top ranking for 2nd week in a row - good on Sheets and great for the team - just don't let it go to your heads guys - lots of games still to play and Calgary could be tough.

Good selections.

I agree, Cornish is showing a big ego. I see some of that starting in Sheets now. Reynolds was classy on the field, not so much off it.

I don't care about a player's ego; I care about how he performs on the field. I would take Sheets on my team anyday (granted, he does have awesome run-blocking in SSK).

I totally disagree, living in Calgary I can tell you that Cornish is a very good ambassador of the game, does a pile of work for charities and contributed a lot to the recent flood relief. I think that he gets a bad rap in the grain belt.

They’d lick his tush like they did Fantuz if he played in Saskatchewan. He’d have his own brand of serials, chips and hemorroid cream.

As does Calgary. They have had a top notch line for a number of years now.

Shame on a community that embraces the players from their team! :roll:

Yup. Montreal too. Those three teams can get a good push off the line to run-block.