Players of the month for October

Although they only played 3 games in October, Brandon Banks was the number 1 performer and Dane Evans was number 3.

Congratulations from all Ticat fans everywhere. I am really enjoying the ride so far and anticipate enjoying it until two days after (whew! - I get to take her out for dinner at Tucker's on the 22nd) my wife's birthday next month.

Gee, Mike. I hope, for your sake, that the “her” refers to your wife!

Shhh - don’t give it away, okay?

(BTW I believe she likes my wacky attempts at humour. From the evidence: I have no bruises).

For what it’s worth, I hear that MT’s Roast Beef may be an aphrodisiac. But then I remembered that you’re retired - never mind!

No Fajardo? I demand a recount.

I am surprised there isn’t a mutiny from Rider fans everywhere.

I just read Fajardo is injured - questionable for Saturday.

Sound the alarms. Suitor is going to lose it on Simoni!

You would think that Dane Evans would be a lock for top QB in the east as he leads the Als QB Vernon Adams in the Shaw rankings, both weekly and monthly .

Dane has 410 pts for the year so far and Adams has 250 . All star recognition is probably a feature in Evans’ contract . He should achieve that status .

The Argos Bethel- Thompson has played 16 games and thrown for 4024 yards while our guy has played 13 games and 3754 yards . The Argo record of 4 - 13 doesn’t suggest strong quarterbacking while the Cat record of 14 - 3 does .

Pat Lynch ( so that was a perfect conversation :))

Whats lost on Rider fans that have been littering social media with "Hamilton only has 14 wins cause of the crappy East" (which by the way makes no sense given the two schedules) is the amount of breaks they've had this year.

  • Missed Steinauer time out (still in scoring position to win, but still a break).
  • Rain game at Montreal. (Still in the lead at the time, but so much time left)
  • Played BC a 3rd time in the West - Without Reilly. (Gift win)
  • Clinching game for the West - No Harris (Coaches decision)

All of the more reason to beat the green “snot? out of them at the Grey Cup! ;D

Their biggest break came from Simoni. Fajardo might not have developed as much in 2019 if it wasn’t for Lawrence. Riders fans owe us some gratitude. ;D