Players of interest

Who are your players of interest? The new guys who you think will step it up and the old guys who you think might have a comeback?

I'm looking forward to seeing what this Quinnie guy is capable of. Maybe we can incorporate him into some gadget plays to spice up the offense as he used to be a QB and it seems we're trying to move him to WR.

I'm interested in O-Lineman Randle (all 360 lbs of him). He was a 4th round draft pick, and started every game for N. England in one of their Super Bowl years.

The RB from Wisconsin comes with much hype.

Peterson the kicker (please win the punting job)

Talman Gardner is another intersting guy with some good NFL experience.

Corey Holmes returning kicks.
I will try not to get too excited, as I remember being really pumped after Suter and Smith did a great job in last years Black and Gold game returning kicks and contributed NOTHING in the regular season. (Suter had injuries)

anthony davis., i feel if we keep holmes at SB , davis has a chance to be rookie of the year

The Kicker you’re speaking of is Fleming. Who is slightly better then Boreham, though not good enough for an extra roster spot I think. Gardner, from what I’ve heard hasn’t been preforming as well as hoped. Holmes is a gem, no need to worry.

Hey mIller91 you have to chill out ok pal? the guy makes a mistake and your jumping down his throat. Im sorry if the whole world isn't as informed about the cats as you are. I wonder if you talk as much trash off the forumn or maybe your just a website tough guy? Good thing I'll never have to put up with a joke like you

I agree. Miller - that was too harsh. Your "mom" would not be pleased...

Yeah Miller!!!Appologize and play nice.

Wow, I give up. I'm not a "website" tough guy, but seriously, that stuff bothers me, along with the constant Boreham bashing, and the fact that if somebody jumps down my throat nobody cares, as I'm a kid, and shouldn't be posting in the first place. This is so rediculous. I'm just going to refrain from posting ever.

Miller, you should know by now that I respect you opinions (while not always agreeing eith them). You are a very well-spoken young man who knows his football. All I ask is that you take a deep breath and consider what you write before you post. Perhaps the person did not know where to look for the depth chart.

Please keep posting, I enjoy our debates. that toned down enough?

Miller, I think the problem is not that you corrected him, but that you were so aggressive about it. You could have politely corrected him and then maybe he'd look at the roster himself.

I too am interested in seeing what Gardner is capable of.

I realize this Pseudo. It's just a major pet-peeve. In regards to my previous post. I apologize blackandgld.

On the Gardner topic, with our depth of receivers, I'm not sure if he'll make the team, although NFL talent is hard to come by, it'd be interesting to see how he'd do in CFL ball.

My previous post will be edited.

Maybe i was a bit harsh.... And i agree, im so sick and tired of all the Boreham bashing. Let Boreham and Fleming duke it out in camp and than we will see who gets what job.

Anyway, I am also taking interest in Brooks... he's really big for a CFL LB, are we thinking of placing him in the middle? Is he fast enough to play the outside? Or are we trying to convert him to end?

Listen up kitty's!

Boreham placekicks....Fleming punts. :cowboy:

Now is that hard to figure out?

Anyway' this has to be the most competitive camp in Cat history. We can certainly compete with the big boys now. :thup:

Talman Gardner - This guy could be unreal this year. He is the real deal.

Corey Holmes - I can't wait to finally watch us have a return game again. I also think he will take a lot of touches away from Ranek.

add in anthony davis and i dont think any of our rb's will be winning the rushing title this year.... although collectively......

I was very impressed by Anthony Davis. The guy is a tank. He doesn’t let up. What actually impressed me about Ranek and Davis and some others is that they actually finished the run even when the drill was over. I think we’ve got a lot of talent on this team and hopefully that will eliminate the need to shift players from their natural positions as we’ve done in the past.