Players lives changing after brain injury

Football is a tough sport. People get injuries in various parts of their bodies, including their brain. Are there some outstanding stories that you know of wherein an athlete is different after having had a brain injury.... where they no longer can play the same way? Where their lives OFF the field is also affected?


Good question, maybe someone else has some info. However, James Bell's career with the Eskimo's ended and became parylyzed. Jason Tucker another Eskimo had his career ended. I also remember Terry Evenshan got a broken leg in the 1967 western finals with Calgary vs Sask. Unfortunate and that's one thing I don't like to see happen. Joe Thiesman got his leg broken big time playing in the NFL, had a good playing days with Toronto mind you. I'll stop there as I hate remembering memories that happen on the playing field. :frowning:

I'm interested particularly with injuries to the brain. Not so much interested with injuries to other parts of the body.

Matt Dunnigan and Dave Dickenson: they would know.

There was a an excellent documentary on this very topic done by the CBC. You might try and track that down. It examines the case of a couple of players who had severe problems after brain injuries. I think it was a 5th Estate doc.

I think I found it.

1st Paragraph:

Professional sports players are often viewed as overpaid and under-worked. But after the glory is gone, little is reported about the physical toll the game takes. the fifth estate investigates why professional football players have a life expectancy that is at least 20 years less than that of the general population.

You might also want to look at Graeme Bell, He had severe brain injury, missed a year, and now he is back and playing for the Esks.

But If you are trying to profit off this don't talk to him. He will probably kick your ass. I'm kind of guessing he doesn't want to talk about it. But if not, and just want to research it, then he would be a good case, as there is a fair amount of press about it out there (at least here in Saskatoon where he is from) and probably some in Winnipeg where he played up until this year..