players I would like to see gone

In my opinion,these are a few players I wouldn't mind cut at the end of the season.
1.Wayne Shaw,first and formost..worst safety in the CFL by far!!
2.Kojo Aidoo..waist of a roster spot
3.Fabio Felice..why is here, cause he's from Mac?

You hit the nail on the head with that one. None of these guys are worth a roster spot, let alone being a starting safety. Shaw has no idea how to play the position.

OK go find some Canadians to replace them. Thats the problem. I don't know what you have against Filice and Aidoo in backup/special teams roles but Shaw is no starter thats for sure

Kojo is awful on special teams. If there is a holding call on special teams you can bet that #25 wil be called for it.

Yawn, another Wayne Shaw thread....hope you enjoy watching Shaw as the starting safety again next year. Consistently one of the better players on the team...

OK I seeyour problem. I don't agree with it one bit but at least its a reason. I don't see a Canadian player to replace him but if we get a better player I'm all for change. Otherwise Aidoo fills a roster spot MANDATED by league rules

Hey Nova S.K.

Wayne Shaw is totally inept.
He should have been gone last year. I don't know if he's related to the coach or not, but for some unknown reason he's still around.
Hands down, the worst safety in the league.....and probably the worst in Cat history. :cowboy:

If I was making lists of players, the shorter one would be of which players to keep for next year.

The 2006 roster has way too many guys who don't make a difference.

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I like what Felice brings to the team as a backup.

or even at center where he's shown some nastiness.

Shaw and Aidoo however.... meh

You can easily find a canadian to do what he does on special teams. I would hope that we would be looking for a better player than kojo.

On O:

-Morreale, Vaughn and Peterson (getting too old, and not enough consistent production in big games)
-Radelein (I’m a fan of his, but since his injury this year, this guy has really been hit or miss on his normally “bread and butter” short yardage run plays; and his pass catching, as well as his lead blocking for Lumsden in short yardage situations, has been suspect lately, also. I suspect that Desjardins has noticed this too, and if we pick a big fullback with our #1 pick in the 2007 draft, I think both Julian and Aidoo will be gone next year)

On D:

-Devonte Peterson and James Cotton (Clinton Wayne has demonstrated that he has the “big push” up the middle that Peterson never had, and Cotton’s sack production this year is simply not good enough for a starting DE…especially one making good money like Cotton presumably is)
-Cox and Hitchcock (how many times do we have to witness Cox get beaten in pass coverage, and how much cash are the Cats wasting paying Hitchcock to make one special teams tackle a game?)
-Wayne Shaw (looked really bad against a very good BC team with all-star receivers who stretch the field)

In my opinion, if Desjardins gets rid of these players and replaces them with true starters, we will have a much better team next year.

Yup, these professional coaches really don't have a clue on talent. We should just dump all of these players and fold the team so we can watch them play on another team who will be ecstatic to get them!!!
What a bunch of turkeys... no wonder I can't be bothered coming to this site any more!!!!!!

The problem with Kojo is that he is a good Canadian running back, but a lousy special teams player.

I predict that the Ticats will cut him next year, the Argos will pick him up and play him at fullback, he will excell, and we wonder why in the hell we cut him.

So we're supposed to stick with the players that College Coach Marshall picked and continue to lose with them?

Notice the amount of players we cut that dont get picked up by anybody... From Marcus Spencer to Yeast.

I noticed. I also noticed that they were cut by us and are no longer on the team.
As a better player shows up I'm sure he will bump his way into the lineup.

That's the litmus test isn't it? Of the guys you cut, how many are picked up by other teams? If they aren't picked up elsewhere, it just means that don't represent an improvement for the rosters of the other teams. That being the case, it's pretty unreasonable to think that they would've beat those teams when they played here. The obvious interpretation is that they just weren't good enough.

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Marcus Spencer
Craig Yeast
Chris Martin
Tony Atkins
Trevor Shaw
Archie Amerson

These are just some of the guys I can remember there being outrage about when they were let go... not one played another down in the CFL after being let go in Hamilton.

Add Demetrious Breedlove, Jason Lamar (never started anywhere again)Dave Hack, Rodney Heath,John Macdonald, Dedric Mathis,Troy Saunders, Tawambi Settles.

Now fair dues to some of the guys listed as being let go from Hamilton and not being picked up by other teams. A number of these guys were ending injuries (eg. Amerson). And some had reached the end of their career (eg. Hack). Some of the previous posts makes it sound like they were totally incompetent and should never have been on the roster and I don't believe that's the case. Like the two I mentioned, they played well in their time and we shouldn't forget that.

Good point!! However, I still think the Cats have too many guys who are sort of in that fair-middlin' category. To be fair, most rosters have lots of those guys but the Cats have more than most. For example of the current secondary, I'd say that the only one who might be picked up by another team is Tay and he's not a sure bet at that.

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