Players Getting Screwed!!!!

Someone who finally gets it....

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All I have to do is look at the first chart and see that it is the 3 teams that are doing best and see that there is going to ne no neutrality in this article. There is no depth to this article at all.
It takes lump revenue vs expenses and
Does it mention that the 3 teams discussed are in the west and that the west has been healthy and nobody is denying that?
It talks about football operations vs player salaries, but where is the breakdown of those costs?
Where are the attendance comparisons from these teams doing well to others in a gate driven league?

This is a horribly bias article, and lacks any integrity that a journalist needs to have. He should be ashamed. I don't care if he takes one side or the other, but as a reporter this is just shameful and if he wants to spit out numbers like he is an investigative journalist, he needs to do a better job.

It uses the teams with public financials. Pretty hard to do a report on teams that don't release financial data.

Does it mention that the 3 teams discussed are in the west and that the west has been healthy and nobody is denying that?
Yes, it does.
It talks about football operations vs player salaries, but where is the breakdown of those costs?
Did the teams release full breakdowns of every cost? The Bombers didn't. Their annual report lists "football ops", "marketing & administration", and some smaller things like stadium transportation costs. The article breaks down as much information as there is, which notes pretty quickly that the Bombers spend more on both marketing & administration and non-player salary football ops than they do on player salary. $6 million in administration is an awful lot of administration.
This is a horribly bias article, and lacks any integrity that a journalist needs to have. He should be ashamed. I don't care if he takes one side or the other, but as a reporter this is just shameful and if he wants to spit out numbers like he is an investigative journalist, he needs to do a better job.
No it's not. It uses the information that's actually available. If the league wants to release the Argo financials, someone will do a report on them.

You don't looks at a sample of less than half of the teams the teams we all know are making money and make a claim that the owners should be able to meet the players demands

I could take Mtl Ham and Toronto's numbers and prove that they cant. Typical biased reporting

And he cant figure out why profits and revenues don't add up?

Are the rents for the stadiums the same
Support staff salaries?
Division of concessions the same?
Do teams profit from stadium rights
There are plenty of variables

there is a reason this yahoo writes for Yahoo

I think all of these reporters are being pointed in the right direction by things discussed at least in part here. Fascinating to see these pieces presented in the media a day or two after they are discussed here.

1- Its the only numbers available
2- There is no neutrality, the imbalance in the revenues is huge.
3- Why does it matter? there are similar gaps in all leagues yet they find a way to share revenues
4- The point of the article is that teams are spending all of their money no matter if they make 19 million or 68 million.

Agree - the sky is not falling

Until the CFL gives us their individual team financial numbers there is no way we can assume and receive their information as the truth . I don't understand how anyone can think that the CFL teams run the Poor Sister of the North CFL Charity and exist on Canadian Tire Bucks and Roll up the Rim free donut and coffee coupons - foolish- we have heard from the Comm and others how healthy the league is - how with new and renovated stadiums all will be making money but one franchise - Toronto the Good - they mention Hamilton as a Money loser - strange when Bob Young just invested 5 million more dollars in the stadium because he said it was now a profitable business. The money they receive from stadium naming rights each year is more then enough to take care Of the Unions 1.4 million dollar increase per year . Montreal - how do they lose money ? There average ticket is over $60 x by 23,000 per game is x 9 = 12,4200,000 - sponsorship 3-6 million , suites over 1 million . New TV deal 4.5 million per year = 21 - 24. Million minimum - per year and missed profit on beer and food and merchandise. Etc
No way they lose money - Toronto needs a new stadium we all agree

The sky is not falling - only chicken little believes that - last time I looked I don't think Chicken Little was the Comm.
Or any of the owners

Another interesting change in the CFL is Ottawa.... The BOG needs six votes to make any meaningful change to their structure. If the deal is that the 3 community owned teams have to spend money to hide the obscene profits they make and the six privately held teams lose money. They can change it. All they need is for the six owners to fix it.

Or maybe the privately owned teams that are not doing well can try and incorporate as much of the community ownership aspects as possible, if that's possible. :?

Just to give you an idea how ridiculous it is that all teams get the same cut of Broadcast money.

Toronto-Hamilton is the #1 Market with 7.6 million potential viewers (making To #1 and Hamilton likely somewhere between 3 and 4 if you split the numbers).

Montreal is #2 at 4.7 million of which 3.8 million are French/Bilingual)

Vancouver sits at #3.

Kitchener-London at #4 with 1.9 million (you can pretty much add those numbers to TO-Hamilton)

Edmonton at #5 with 1.7 million,

Calgary #6 with 1.65 million,

Ottawa #7 with 1.5 million,

Quebec City #8 1.1million,

Winnipeg #9 with 1 million.

Then we get in the Crazy zone...

Saskatoon at #18 with 350 thousand viewers
Regina/Moose Jaw #21 with 326 thousand viewers

We won't even talk about that Barrie has more TV viewers than Saskatoon. Yet the big market teams get the same amount of TV money as Regina that has around 4 to 5 percent the available audience of the southern Ontario teams.

Owners need to fix their own affairs before crying poor to the players. If the big market teams decided to negotiate their own TV deals instead of this single deal. Their money woes would be instantly over and the others would likely continue to make just as much as their local deals would be worth more as well.

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What makes me angry is how Cohon is basicly out there trashing the CFL brand... He goes on the McClown show and calls the CFL "small" businesses" and crys about how little money the Bombers and Eskimos make and about how much the Argos lose. It is very obvious that the Riders and Bombers earn much more money and thus I assume the Argos losses aren't so devestating...
If he went on the McClown show and was like... "Yeap, We just increased our CFL pay package by 25% in one season and in 5 years from now it will be 40%" "By 2019 our players will have an average salary of 130K." Then he could reach across the table and slap Brunts condesending face, as he makes those bowel movement faces.
It would have the exact opposite effect in TO media to show how far the CFL has come then to sit there and tell everyone how pathetic you are... Even if the owners save a few hundred grand through all of this by screwing the players... They have all lost million, by devaluing their product... If I was a big time sponsor ... Do I want to invest in a small business? The owners and cohon have cost themselves the oportunity of a life time. If they paid even more then the players were asking and did a huge media blitz bragging that the CFL was now MAJOR LEAGUE... Then went to all of their advertizers and demanded more money because they are now a major league.... This could of all snowballed into higher TV ratings and even more money in the future... Instead they chose to go on TV and tell everyone how much the CFL sucks and how mom and pop it still is.... This is so Dave Braley mentality... This is why I don't go to Lions games... When you see closed consession stands while you wait at one, you just think... "small time"..... He has to go ASAP

Great post and if there is a strike, looking likely right now, your favorite geriatric owner who claims his team is worth north of 50 million will be sitting on a franchise worth 10 million overnight.

Also hard to explain is why it is Hopson that is representing the owners at the table. Shouldn't it be an OWNER who claims his business is at risk? Yet they send a guy who has alluded to being on his last deal and does not even own the keys to a team to negotiate on their behalf, never mind that the org he is from is at zero risk.

That would be ok if say people in Edmonton only watched Edmonton games and people in Montreal games but I think CFL fans watch no mater who is playing

Yes I agree!you forgot to mention as well the brilliant hiring that David Braley did with getting CEO Chris rudge. Rudge is the one that always like mentioning to the media how toronto likes things that are "big time". That is the idiots excuses to why he can't sell tickets in toronto to Argo games. That isn't saying much for the league and the Argos when you have your idiot CEO talking about your team like that when they are trying to get attention and sell tickets in the largest market in the country.

Well the comishoner went on a Rogers station(rogers loves slandering the CFL) and gave them ammo to slader it more… Just pathetic… The million thet spent on marketing in southern Ontario is nothing compared to the damage that one interview by the commishoner did… Telling Stephen Brunt that you atre a small business? Like come on!!!You can be sure Brunt will use that the next time he slags the CFL.

Even if the players are totally in the right and the owners are totally in the wrong, is it worth losing all for. It is like boycotting the Moscow Olympics, history has shown that the only thing that came out of the boycott is a bunch of athletes lost their dream for a political statement, made by those who did not have any stake in the game.

Only time you will see Braley show up for anything and show any type of interest is when he is getting one of his welfare cheques from the league.

Thank you for allowing us all to know how Bill Murray felt in Groundhog Day. Although instead of Sonny & Cher it is Braley and Rudge, post after post after post after ...

Or someone who hasn't a single clue, depending one's perspective.

The highest rated game of the regular season last year was Saskatchewan vs Winnipeg. In fact, Saskatchewan always does well in the ratings no matter who they're playing. They have fans everywhere, and those fans watch.

If the big market teams would be so good on their own, why did the two smallest markets post the highest rating of the year?