Players file $200 million dollar concussion lawsuit vs CFL


If anyone hasn't seen League Of Denial, they should watch it. It is terrific.

In the NFL case, the NFL went out of its way to hide facts. To deny, deny, deny, even tho they knew it was a lie. Not sure if the CFL has that kind of culpability. Let's hope it doesn't translate and the settlement is minimal.

The way I see it.. The league has seven years left on its TSN contract at about 300 million.. Kevin Riley's dire predictions are a gross exaggeration.. The league barely increased player salaries, so the remaining 100 million would basicly return the league to the exact same revenues as they were in 2013...All 8 teams could all remain profitable and the lawsuit would be paid off in 7 years.

I hope I'm wrong and you're right.

I can see the league starting to build some sort of contingency fund. This court case and appeals may drag on for years - so in the meantime the league may want to start setting aside a few million a year into a contingency fund. Mind you that would likely mean less pay for current players.

What about damage suffered before they joined the CFL? Does that count for nothing? I'll hazzard a guess that no player in the history of the CFL had never played a single game anywhere else before turning pro with the CFL.

They have the rights to their day in court. I don't think it has much merit. The NFL was sued for hiding information not because the players had injuries.

If you want to look at the Mathematics of it. Then you have to look at the number of players. NFL 32 teams with 65 man rosters. is around 2100 athletes a year. The CFL with 8/9 teams is about 400 athletes a year.

I think those two will find that Canadian courts don't hand out the ridiculous settlements you see in the US :wink:

There is a current lawsuit for concussions and player health filed by former college players against the NCAA.

The NFL Settlement covers about 25,000 former players/families, it does not cover current or future players.

Well said.

reportedly the CFL suit may involve roughly 1000 members of the CFL Alumni Association which will equate to approx $200,000 a piece if the $200 million is awarded.

and considering the NFL plaintiffs asked for $1 billion and will receive an over $900 million settlement, it may be safe to say the CFL could easily be forced to pay 75% - 80% of the damages sought which is still in the range of a hefty $150-160 million.

..a figure that could cripple or at least maim the CFL for years to come.

Although the court might look at it another way. The NFL is a $9.5 billion dollar per year business - so the settlement is about 10% of the leagues revenues for one year. What is 10% of the CFL's annual revenues? Might that end up being a guideline for settlement amount.

I doubt that the CFL yearly revenue are more than $ 250.0 millions. 10% would amount to $25 millions.


After crunching numbers, $25M is the number I came up with. I looked at it this way... An earlier post said each NFL plaintiff was awarded ~$25K. IF the award was the same, with 1000 CFL plaintiffs, it is $25M. It may not be that high. Again, there were mountains of evidence against the NFL. I doubt there is anywhere near as much evidence against the CFL. The more I think about it, the more I feel I overreacted earlier today.

Best to wait and see. If they had better health care in the U.S., this would NOT be as big an issue.

Several points on the NFL Settlement, the Settlement itself was agreed to by both parties, it was not court directed, once both parties agreed to the conditions the Settlement was agreed to by the presiding Judge. The Settlement amount is not equally divided to the players, there are conditions in the agreement that establishes the payment terms/amount for each player. The Settlement amount does not include the players legal fees which the NFL has also agreed to pay. The Agreement is for a period of 65 years and although the current estimate is in the $900 Million range, there is no cap on what the total payments to the players may be.

I should have said that the players averaged $25K - assuming a previous post was accurate.


I should have said that the players averaged $25K - assuming a previous post was accurate.

Kevin, two points, there are approx. 25,000 players that are involved in this settlement, payments for each player is determined basically by a medical evaluation. Some payments will be in the $12 Million range, some $1.5 Million, some very little.
The $900 Million is only an estimate based on current data, the $900 Million could end up being less (not likely) or considerably more (well over $1 Billion), there is no "Cap" on the total amount of payments that could be made under the payment terms and conditions of the Settlement. Finally at this time there is no estimate of the legal costs the players will incur but the NFL will pay these costs in addition to the Settlement Player costs.


Honestly, the league needs to look at what the best bankruptcy options the lawyers to get it all squared up...take this to court and if some moronic judge awards even 100 mil then file for bankruptcy the next day, then a day later star the CFA or something. Be done with it. I can't see a tennis player suing because they have a messed up back...people know what they are getting into...if they don't then they need question if they were ever smart enough to actually have brain damage.

I should sue my high school I guess. In the championship junior football game I played way way back, I was running with the ball and got hit, fell to the ground on my outstretched hand, broke my scaphoid bone in my wrist as I discovered 6 months later when it still hurt and decided to get an x-ray and to this day I still have some discomfort there but it has healed as determined on x-ray. At half time during the game I told the head coach my wrist was hurting, he looked at it, twisted it a bit and said don’t worry about it. Nothing more was said or done. But do I want to sue the high school? Of course not.

Bottom line, it’s up to the individual to take their own health into their hands. We live in a society where we want to blame everybody else for our decisions. And the lawyers are telling us to blame others. :thdn:

Sure, sometimes there is a time for legal action but football is what it is, a violent sport. When you get your head banging agains’t other peoples bodies and the ground, you are rattling your brain around. Everyone knows that now and have always known it. It’s about as plain as night and day.

I should as well seeing that the tile gym floor that I played on for years wrecked my knees and many others. Totally destroyed any chance I had of becoming the next NBA star.