Players dont seem to be getting the message

getting worse, not better.

is it low IQ, immaturity, or they just don’t care?

Didn’t think Willie’s hit was fine worthy … The 15yrd should have been enough.

He has no history to my knowledge and although high wasn’t late.

Knew judge was going to be fined … Mad or not … Provoked or not …retaliatory actions always end badly

If there is an influx of new officials, the players might be testing their limits.

The message is from coaches is this is a contact sport, different than hockey but along the same lines, and you are expected to take it to the limit in terms of tough physical play to earn your contract.

Of course in fast paced sports with so much emotion especially with contact sports like football compared to less contact sports like basketball, you’re going to get more emotions with physicality. Basketball is child’s play compared with gridiron albeit I will say basketball players “play it up” it’s football and pretend they are getting rocked like a receiver does in football. Key word here is pretend. ;D

Talking about players with low IQ’s and immaturity problems…

The guy with the lowest of the low IQ’s and a total lack of maturity aka that ass clown goof Wilder starts the whole brawl and gets away Scot free with nary a fine or even a slap on the wrist .

Keep up the great work there whoever is in charge of handing out the discipline and collecting the fines CFL . What a friggin’ joke !!!

ass clown goof Wilder
Yup, Argos landed a real piece with this guy that's for sure. They have to dump this guy when they can.


If they want to fine that, great, but it is inconsistent with what we’ve seen this season. Much worse has went with nothing.

Unfortunately it is a very, very bad joke.

Maybe it’s one of two things.

Either the fines are so low the players don’t really care, or Randy’s collecting money for a post season party with the CFL staff.