Players do READ This stuff.

How cool would it be to know your fans got your back through the hard times.

Do you really think talking down on the players would make them better. :smiley: Well in some cases it does with some players.

How about we change the game and everyone show some love for the ticats.

I want everyone to say something good or post a picture of respect for the ticats.

Cause I promise you one thing, many of the players read this and are heart broken to hear the hate from their own fans.

At the end of the day they are the ones that put their bodies on the line to please you fans.

Hey Chris,

I will start off with someone you know quite well and who my mother called a very nice young man...

This picture was taken after a training camp practice and when asked by my mother for his autograph (for my little sisters book) he responded with "Yes, Ma'am".

JoJo Walker has been the receiver I have always looked forward to seeing every week since his arrival in Hamilton. He has always reminded me Archie Amerson, A former Cat and one of the toughest receivers to ever wear the Black and Gold.

Now that JoJo is getting the recognition he really deserves fans will quickly notice why I have been excited to watch him take the field. He is the kind of player that will LITERALLY! put his body on the line to make a play no matter how hard he gets hit he still comes down with the ball.

So JoJo if you read this, I'm with you through thick and thin and with all the ups and downs. I admire your heart and toughness you play this game we love so much.

I for one hope players read these forums. It means they are taking an interest in the fans.

You can argue I'm wrong but as a fan who spends money on tickets and merchandise, I'm the equivalent to a stock holder in the TiCat Corporation.
Corporations ANSWER to stock holders.
If fans want to get on here and piss & moan, whether I personally agree with the comments or not, they have a right to do so.

The players are the employees of the Corporation and as such, are subject to review.

I was there in the early 90s when there was 10 000 fans in the stands and I'm still here. I'm going nowhere. This is my team.

As a "relatively" new fan (as in 4 years) I've gotta say that the team we've got this year has my admiration. The GUTS and DETERMINATION I see out there EACH and EVERY gane for the entire 60 minutes is FABULOUS! :rockin:

I LOVE watching football and I LOVE watching the Cats play. Winning or coming close, this year has been chock-a-block of good entertaining football. THAT's what I pay my money for ... wins are nice but a good game is IMHO more important.

To all players who are reading this ... THANK YOU for your love of the game and for trying each and every minute. :thup:

Some Do Read the Writings here
I Know this for a Fact.
I won't Say who they are
But some even post once in a blue moon
A lot of our Guys Read the Stuff here

Some Laugh at it when talk we about it at Practices.
Others it Fires them up to Prove People Wrong here.

This Fourm can Be Blessing and Curse to our Players
I Will Tell them don't go here.
There is a Very good Chance you won't like Want you read.
But some still do .

I Tell Them Us Fans Can Be Fickle.
They still Come anyways.
it is Human Nature to be Curious

I couldn't agree more. Excellent post.

Now if we could only get the coaches to read this stuff, they might come up with some better play calling. hahahahahaha

I mean, we have at this moment 32 registered coaches and another 306 unregistered coaches on-line. Surely one of us have some good ideas on how to get things going.

Nominated for "post of the week" :wink: :lol:

I think the players, the team and the coaches know that the fans in Hamilton are PASSIONATE about THEIR TEAM! :thup:

Since you invited argument, individual minor shareholders have no say in how corporations are run. Buy a few shares of Microsoft or GE and then show up at the annual meeting talking crazy talk and you'll find out you've got a better chance of being shown the door than you do of influencing the direction of the company. Unless your opinion is so reasonable that most shareholders share it, it's just your opinion.

Other than that, your argument is fine. :wink:

I know you winked, but his argument is terrible.

A customer is nothing like a stockholder.

According to his logic, I should get paid dividends by Coca-Cola because I've bought some of their products before. Nice to daydream about, but it has no connection to the real world.

He's partly right: fans have a right to complain about the product. But as far as accountability goes, the Ticat organization is accountable to the fans only inasmuch as any business is accountable to its customers. If the customers stop buying, the organization suffers the consequences.

Where things get muddy is when a business like the Ticats comes to be regarded as a cultural institution, and the fans feel protective of the institution even if they are not happy with the current proprietor of the business. People will continue buying to protect the future of the institution long past the point they would stop doing business with most companies.

Bingo! Absolutely right. We are customers, not shareholders at all, not even minor ones. The club is a private business, and while it is not accountable to fans in the way that a company is to its owners, that doesn't mean the fans as customers don't matter. Customers matter a lot. Satisfied customers mean more revenue, leading to profits and a successful enterprise. Unhappy customers go away and may not return. That spells trouble for any business. Gaining and keeping customers is critical to all businesses. That's why people like Bob take such pains to find out what fans want and try so hard to deliver. They don't succeed every time out, but do so often enough that they stay in business and do well.

I agree, a football team has an added character as a cultural institution for the city and its citizens. That's the sense in which Bob calls himself Caretaker. I'm glad he sees it that way, he doesn't have to. The fact he does is very much to his credit.

Ok, let me put this another way.

You pay for cable, your cable goes out, you want the cable fixed. Cable company doesn't fix the cable because they are short staffed, and inexperienced to deal with your problem because everyone else has the same problem.

Do you say, "that's ok, I like not having cable" or do you demand someone fix your cable ASAP? Sure you don't own the company, or work for it, or even live near the company's head office.
You still expect the probem to be fixed don't you?

Hence, sorry the football players can't take some harsh words but can you blame the fans?

I think this is a better analogy.

You pay for a game and game experience. You get it, but your team loses but there was some good football, a competetive game and you still get to see the other teams and future hall of famers like, Stegall, Calvillo etc..

You've gotten your game, a CFL product with various feaures. However, your team loses for the past three seaosn or so and you're not happy about THAT.

Do you ask the cable company for a refund because you don't like the programming that the netwotks offer even your still getting the service?

Well this topic wasn't hijacked at all :roll:

If you wanted to argue about all this crap make your our thread!

Oops. Sorry. :oops:

I agree with Onknight, in that I wouldn't recommend them reading these threads or coming here.

But, again as Onknight says, human nature probably has some of them lurking here anyway.

Saskatchewan Roughrider sell shares and have voting rights. Mininuim, but ture.