Players Calling For Flags

I really hate seeing a guy get up and make the sign to throw the flag to the ref. if its a pass interference or anything for that matter I much prefer when the player is classy about it and lets the referee do there job. To be honest I feel a player that doesn't call for a flag on every play regardless of whether he was fouled or not will get a better chance of having it called properly if they aren't asking for it. There isn't a team in the league that doesn't have at least one player that does this.

It may not be the most pressing matter on the radar but I would agree with your sentiment. I suppose it is hard to resist though, like when you put a bit of English on a bowling ball or billiard shot - you can't help but kinda move yourself to help it get over there, even though it don't help one iota :slight_smile:

I agree, not a pressing issue at all, just wondered if other people were sick of seeing it.

i would say the worst guys for it are recievers that do it when they don't catch something that was far from catchable in the firstplace.

yeah, players hate it if they think the refs helped them lose, but do everything they can to get the refs to help them win. some sportsmanship

What I really hate is when they run over to the ref looking for a flag when the ball is still in the air and catchable. Finish the play first, then if you want to complain about interference go ahead. But since it can't possibly get you anywhere, why bother?

I'm more bothered by missed calls than I am about players complaining about missed calls.

I am more bothered about players complaining about missed calls that were not missed calls.

I hate to say it, but my Als' Kerry Watkins is particularly bad in this respect. I have frequently seen him start calling for a flag or gesture to the ref while the ball is still in the air. Kerry's a great player who has proven himself in this league; he doesn't need to resort to this kind of behavior.

To each his own.