Players being told to prepare for a lockout

This doesn't sound too positive: (from the Rod Pedersen blog)

Lockout Talk Gets Serious
From today's Montreal Gazette:

Canadian Football League players are being advised by their union of the possibility of a work stoppage in June.

And that means they should be saving their money.

Stu Laird (pictured), president of the CFL Players' Association (CFLPA), has sent two confidential emails to every league player - including one on Monday - painting a bleak picture prior to the expiration of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) on June 5, one day before training camps are scheduled to start.

The Gazette has obtained copies of those emails, along with the CFLPA's latest proposals.

"It continues to be the opinion of the executive committee that a CFL management lockout of the players is a very real possibility," Laird wrote.

"Players should ensure they're taking the necessary financial steps at this time, in anticipation that there may be no training camp paycheques on June 6, 2010."

Laird stresses to the players the need to remain unified.

The CFLPA's bargaining committee is scheduled to meet with the league's Players Relations Committee (PRC) in Toronto on April 26. There have been no negotiations since late October. That has led to charges from the CFLPA that the PRC is not seriously attempting to resolve the issue.

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I certainly hope this isn't a bargaining tactic by the CFLPA. It's pretty low if it is...

....seems like a lot of posturing going on......IF a lock-out prepared for some casualties in cities like the Peg and possibly a couple of others...The CFL CANNOT AFFORD anything like this..They better get a deal done that'll be good for all concerned.. :roll:

cfl replacement players league? :thdn: :twisted:

A lockout by the owners would be insanely stupid. The league is much healthier now but no one is getting incredibly rich off of it and a lockout could easily kill any momentum and goodwill. I like the idea of annually bumping the league minimum and even agree with raising the salary cap, but only if league revenues dictate that it can be handled. Once things go up (i.e. salary cap), it is INCREDIBLY painful to get it lowered unless there is a clear and specific mechanism in place and I would hate to see a number for 2013 or 2014 agreed to only to watch revenues drop and teams get into trouble financially.

It would also be a massive piss off for the taxpayers here. We just paid to have a temporary stadium built and if one of the 2 reasons for it won't be using it, people will not be pleased. Cause we're already so happy with this HST garbage as well.

It'll be ok

I am definitely with the players on this one, they have long been abused financially by the league.
It's time the league comes across to "make up the difference" and especially now when times are good and the vast majority of teams are making money, some even quite a boatload.
Heck by comparison the carpet bag MLS who is losing boatloads with only two teams making money, gave the players an increase in the cap and they have a second "franchise player designation".
The CFL in comparison is much stronger financially and has a pretty decent and better TV package which is likely(should have before) to double in a few years.

Good points argotom.
I do however, think no lockout is every good for anyone. Especially the CFL, but I guess the players have been getting screwed abit. Also for those who think it's just posturing, it may very well be true but remember that was what was said at the time of the NHL lockout. Nothing would surprise, although I'm hopeful they get things sorted out.

I'm also leaning towards the players from what little info is available. I'm opposed to dropping the number of starting Canadians from 7 to 4 which is mentioned in the article. I think the balance is about right and shouldn't be changed. I don't buy the argument that it would be cheaper to have more American players. Certainly teams may overpay for talented starting Canadian players in free agency, but looking at where the sport is heading in Canada it seems to me the quality of Canadian players is continually trending upwards and more and more quality Canucks will be available. Only changes I would consider to the ratio would be addressing a roster/PR spot for a Canadian QB and maybe making some allowance for American players on the roster who have played a greater part of their career in the CFL, say 5 or 6 years service, to try curtail some of the 1 yr and off to the NFL trend. I think the salary cap should stay as is for the next year or two considering the economic downturn. Teams seem to be profitable somewhat if they stick to the current cap.

The CFLPA stance is plain dumb. I can't see them going on strike to fight for a $42k minimum salary rather than the current $41k? The raising of the salary cap for this season is also stupid, as most of the players have already been signed under the existing cap. Do they expect teams to renegotiate contracts with players to take advantage of the extra $200,000 or just boost the salaries of new signees? The idea to peg salaries on a percentage of team revenues is ridiculous in the CFL and should be rejected.

If the CFL disrupts the start of the season, this would have a bigger impact on the league's credibility than the failed U.S. expansion. The CFL simply cannot afford a lockout or player strike. I suspect they would start the season with an extension of the existing deal and continue negotiations as the season goes along.

I think both sides have points on which they are wrong. However, no matter who is at fault, after 44 yrs, if there is no regular season this yr, then I will no longer be a CFL fan. This thing just stinks from both sides. There should be no change, everything should continue as is. The players are lucky they have a league to play in.

I think the CFLPA is preparing its members just like any good Union... it is not an issue... yet

While the idea of fighting for things like 1000k raises may seem ridiculous to us, keep in mind that most of these guys make the same wages as average white-collar employees, except that they don't get paid through the (very long) offseason and the physical punishment of football increases the likelihood of an old age spent in a great deal of physical pain. I am completely with the players here (even though as a fan I don't want a lockout).

These guys bust their asses for the love of the game -- there are easier, quicker, and less physically grueling ways to make more money. We need to make it a bit more worth their while.

if they dont like the money, dont play, they can work at their off season jobs yr round. Many others would love to be in their shoes playing for what they get now. The league simply cannot afford to increase wages just as it is starting to get above water.

Man, these guys aren't rock stars and don't make huge salaries. If they chose not to play, we the fans would be the poorer for it. CFL players, by and large, are not fairly compensated for the short career, seasonal paycheque, and punishing nature of their job. I for one would like to see them earn more money. Not crazy money, not NFL level nonsense, but a bit more dollars so they can continue to provide me with my preferred form of football: the CFL.

The Bombers lost $1.2 million last year. The Argos and Ti-Cats lose $1 million or more each season. Do we expect these owners to lose even more money to increase player salaries? Let's not forget that player salaries have already doubled over the past few years. Just 5 years ago the salary cap was at $2.5 million per team with a salary maximum of $150,000.

The median salary in the CFL is about $80,000. Perhaps compared to other major leagues it is a pittance. But AFL players make $200 per game and the average Canadian working man makes $30,000...and that's for 12 months work, not 6 months. :expressionless:

If there is not enough money to go around,
then there is simply not enough money to go around.

The owners apparently don’t profit much (if at all) from overall revenue in this league …
so the only way that players will earn more money is if ticket prices get substantially raised.

Is the entire ticket-buying fanbase willing to pay a 10-20 % hike
in ticket prices to help give the players better salaries/compensation ??
If they’re not-- then I don’t understand where the players think the additional money is coming from.

The global economic crash should’ve made it clear to everybody
that you can’t run a business with phony money anymore.
If the revenue is not physically there, then you simply can not count it.

Interesting...Brunt and Blair are talking about this on PTS right now.

Brunt says the owners position is ALL about the 56% of the pot the players currently receive through the existing CBA. Brunt said the owners are anticipating a MUCH bigger TV contract next time around (which all of us have been hoping for), but they don't want the players to get 56% of that. And that they're willing to draw the line in the sand over it.

Herb Z from the Montreal Gazette (who broke this story today) will be on PTS later this afternoon, if anyone is interested in hearing more about it.

Herb at the Gazette has all the lowdown on the negotiations and the CFLPA's main points of their proposal.

Also Larry Smith mentionned to French media last week that training camp would be "short" one week...

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