Players and Coaches in the Field of Play

Attended the Lions and Cats game last evening. I know there are rules but why are they not enforced once in a while to keep teams honest.

When Lions were on offence coaches and at times players were on the field at the bench during plays. One time this coach had to back peddle quickly on the field as he was about to get run-over by a ref back peddling for the play. He made it to the side just in time.

At times they were a good 3 to 5 yards out on the field while the ball was in play.

The Cats were better as players stayed in the bench area but coaches did wand at times.

Some teams are worse than others I have noticed this year but I think if you have the rules they must be enforced once in a while to let the coaches know they cannot be disregarded.

This might be picky but if teams are not being held accountable then why have the rule book.

At one time I noticed a couple of BC coaches on the field at the ticats 50 yard line.

I agree with you. But last night the refs couldnt even get the basic calls right, so I wouldnt expect them to enforce a sideline violation.

The new rule should be if on the field occasionally as a coach, you at least should have to do a dance or be sent to the locker room after one warning.

The crowd will have the opportunity to judge the performance too.

If you can’t dance well or don’t like to dance, by all means stay off the field then all the same.

A player on the field during a play is already a 15-yard penalty for too many men. Automatic first down too?

Bit of a side point: did anyone know that if a Team B player or coach standing on the sideline tackles or trips a Team A ball-carrier, Team A is awarded an automatic touchdown, regardless of the field position or likelihood that the player would have scored? (If it is someone other than a member of the team, a touchdown is awarded only if, in the judgment of the referee, the player would have scored if not for the illegal interference.)

This rule was put into place after a Montreal fan tripped Ticat Ray “Bibbles” Bawel as he ran down the sideline with a sure TD on a fumble recovery.

To my knowledge, no automatic touchdowns have ever been awarded due to this rule, and likely never will.

Just thought some of you may be interested. Continue.

I would support the creation of this rule.

A penalty for “too many players” on the offense is usually blown dead before the play starts as they get banged for 13 in the huddle. On defense they’ll throw the flag once the play starts as in the SK/MTL Grey Cup in 2009. It’s a 10 yard penalty with no automatic first down.

But, I believe this thread is more about coaches and players wandering on the field during a play. Bottom line is this, unless it’s ridiculous, no flag is going to get thrown because it’s the CFL regardless of what the rule book says. What’s ridiculous? Well, if a coach ran to mid field to scream at an official comes to mind. If someone on the bench gets in the way of the play might do it. In most cases it would bean 10 yd Objectional Conduct penalty which is a dead ball foul (wouldn’t bring back a TD if on the offense) as it’s not too many men and it’s not illegal participation.

The earlier comment about officials awarding a TD if a bench person gets in the way of a sure TD is very true, although in my many years as an amateur official I’ve never had to call it.

Finally, I heard of a collision between a coach and an official on the field a few years ago in the states…think it was HS ball. Coach was badly hurt and sued the official…and won even though he was clearly on the field when he shouldn’t be. Guess the official lost as he hadn’t “warned” the bench enough to get back.

I wonder if it happens more at the stadiums where the two teams are on the same side?

Coaches are now further away from the players on the field when in the far end.

Your right on PW77 .

They can’t follow them down field without crossing into the oppositions bench area .

They feel they need to use the field to get closer to communicate with refs or players when down field at the opposite end where they are benched .

On the day two opposing coaches get into some sideline skirmish because one felt the other crossed the 55 too often is perhaps the day we remember this thread and those associated comments.

There ought be some clearer rules.

The other side of me kind of wants to see a skirmish first.

If any coach has the audacity to be knocked down by Duron Carter while standing a yard or two inside the field of play, after Carter charges straight towards him following the conclusion of a play, that is worthy of a fine for the coach. And there are some who believe that the two infractions (standing on the field after a play, and ploughing into a coach) are of equal value.

Any idea why we still have teams on the same side of the field now that the new stadiums seem to have enough room on the sidelines to be on opposite sides of the field?

Follow the money.

I know at BMO Field, one sideline has premium seating for which a premium price is charged.
Why waste valuable revenue generating space on the players and coaches?

Perhaps TV prefers to show faces instead of butts. ;D

At Tim Horton’s Field, the benches are on the same side as the press boxes, which means they are showing the butts.

Now I kind want to see two overweight coaches perhaps bump into each other. while one is trying to enjoy a loaded hot dog he got before the half time rush, and duke it out at the 55 as time expires before halftime.

Remember it happening once in the NFL: