Players ages....somtimes they seem younger or older than the

OK.....really slow for news!!!

I was going through the team roster and checking out the ages of some of the players.

Dave Stala was the first player that suprised me as he is still only 30 years old. He has a lot of good ball left in him. Arland Bruce is 2 years older than Stala.
Peter Dyakowski is still 25 years old and I consider him a veteran, and Simeon Rottier just turned 26 and I think he is a kid.
Tre Smith is still 25
Sandy Beveridge is a 7 year vet at 28
Otis, Gauthier, and Hudson are our oldest players ay 33.

OK, back to work. Sorry for wasting 60 seconds of your day :slight_smile:

Switching gears, I think Stala was definitely one of the biggest suprises last year, to me at least.I didn't expect much with his age and injury history and the fact the i'd rarely heard of him before last season.But man, he really came back hard and impressed everyone around the league.Not too many N/I WR's that you can classify is clutch, but ol' sticky sure is a clutch receiver.I think I only saw him drop 1 pass all of last year.Here's to another year of greatness for Dave and the Ticats. :cowboy: