Players actions

What happened at MS was totally deporable. People who threw cans at the lions players should be suspended from the stadium and charged. I know their is not any video proof that the lions players did threw cans back at the fans. I'm sure nothing will become of the CFL investigation. Now lets ask another question here. My question is theroetical in nature, but here goes. Is it right for any football player to throw anything into the stands at opposing teams stadiums? A simple yes or no will do. This has nothing to do with the lions/riders game so don't bring up that game?

nothing wrong with throwing football.

tecnically wrong to throwing other more dangerous things.

not wrong, but not smart, to egg on opposing teams fans.

IF I was a player, and having beer dumped on me, and thrown at me, etc, I might find it very hard not to retaliate, right or wrong.

IF a player threw first, I would wanna crucify him. IF he was retaliating, I would say, that was stupid, you were wrong, you messed up, but I do understand. Slap on the wrist time. Maybe small fine.

Now, that would be how I would feel most of the time.

However, because there could be kids in the line of fire, I would be angry if they did not take that into account and refrained from retaliating no matter how strongly provoked.

No going off topic please FYB. I speicified a yes or no answer in regaurds to players in oppostion stadiums. My reasoning is so the league can impliement a rule policy. If a hudge number people on this forum agree with a yes I would submit the results to the league.
Please edit your context to either a yes or a no.
This would include footballs being thrown, but not lofted underhand to a specified fan.

Unfortunately, your question isn't a simple "yes' or 'no.' In the case of football, throwing a game ball into the stands is fine... of course, there are restrictions. But throwing a game ball is pretty much the only acceptable situation in sports.

As much as I hate the whole "celebrity culture" that has taken over our society, I think athletes have a certain responsibility. So throwing objects into the stands probably isn't a good idea.

Throwing the ball into the opposing teams stands is the same as taunting to me. Now if he was to pick out a Lions fan or pick out some young kid to come down and get the ball that would be a class act.

Well, considering that every team has at one time or another thrown a ball into the stands at an opposing team's stadium (and yes, this DOES include the Riders), I don't see it as being an issue. If players are yelled at, they can yell in return. Throwing of anything other than a football in, or out, of the stands is not acceptable.

Throwing a football is o.k....part of the game.

Throwing anything else is not.

What I was trying to get at, I guess, is maybe we should have a league rule that prevents players from tossing footballs into opposition stands. That would be a penalty. If this was to happen then players couldn't taunt opposition fans by showboating and it went pevent such an occurance of what happened in Regina by upset fans. Myself I think it would be good for the league and prvent such of an occurance. :slight_smile:

Just a quick question... do players actually toss footballs into the stands when they're on the road? I honestly can't remember an instance where that happened.

I never pay much attention to what goes on between plays, but if I am in the crowd, I would love them to throw one at mean. I would cheer and give the guy a friendly thumbs up, no matter what team he was on.