Player uniform rule

Chris Strevler is bare legged tonight.
The CFL rule book states that the players legs are to be covered.
Unless I’m looking at an outdated rule book.
Rule 1, Section 10, Article 7
Subsection B

The league seems uninterested in enforcing rules about socks. This has seriously eroded one of the things that used to make football an esthetically pleasing spectacle.

And enforcing rules on things like socks and wristbands is what earned the NFL the nickname “No Fun League.”

But I understand where you’re coming from. I’m one of the guys that keeps whining about “Crooked Cap” Claybrooks in BC (even though there’s no rule against this).

Maybe he only has one pair of socks and they were in the wash, or maybe he only wears them on Sunday because they’re holey.

Love it!

Might be time to hold a telethon for Streveler’s Socks. Or maybe a GoFundMe page. :wink:

Why would this, of all things, bother you?

Cuz I’m old. Cranky. Find myself saying “tarnation” a lot. :wink:

I’m thinking a TV mystery such as Detective Streveler and the Case of the AWOL Socks.

Players without socks look sloppy. Player comfort issues are a secondary consideration. The CFL is selling a sporting event to paying customers for upwards of $100 per ticket and to TV audiences of millions. The sloppy look is therefore simply unacceptable.

The rule is on the books; enforce it.

I thought it was because NFL rules make for a boring game.


Dun dun duh!!!

(Dramatic music for your Detective Streveler and the Case of the AWOL Socks show.)


You’re right about that, too!

That would have looked really great, for the sake of the rules, to have banished the Bombers backup QB, pressed into service because of injury, to the sideline for three plays and the team given up 10 yards, but themstherules. Ya gotta enforce the rules. No matter what. No latitude. No consideration for circumstances or excuses. Ya gotta take the hard line.

I have a feeling there is more to the Mystery of the AWOL Socks than we know. Like maybe he WAS wearing socks, but they were nude-coloured.

Harris, Adams, Streveler and a couple of others without socks from the Bombers.

I didn’t notice any Ottawa players without them.

I remember a few years ago, players were getting on field penalties for not having their jerseys tucked in.

I know its football, but players are looking sloppy with tshirts hanging below their jerseys and now the lack of socks make it look like high school football with rage tag equipment.

Making the players look professional doesn’t take the fun out of the game. They can still celebrate plays and touchdowns, they’ll just look better doing it.

Add Carter to the socks gone “awol?

I will guess that they were allowed to go sockless because of the excessive heat at yesterdays and todays games.

I’ll take the no-socks over James Wilder Jr. playing with his shirt hiked up.

That kind of thing may fly in the NCAA, but this is pro football, and we don’t give a rat’s hairy ass about how toned your abs are.

Get over yourself and pull your shirt down!

It`s a MLSE marketing ploy to attract a younger demographic to their games.

Expect to see John Tavares skating next season with his jersey hiked up to mid chest.