Player Turnover By Team

Took this info from the CFLDB site - since we seem to have gone down a path of the team needing to “wake up”. This is player turnover currently from the 2017 roster.

MTL - 28
BC - 23
SSK - 22
OTT - 22
WPG - 20
EDM - 19
HAM - 19 (Sinkfield would make it 20)
CAL - 16
TOR - 14

What’s interesting is that there really isn’t a direct correlation between player turnover and success, you could argue that HAM and CAL are two of the better teams in the league and have had less turnover, yet Toronto won the GC and made virtually no changes and are terrible. (The value of their QB).

I know in previous years these numbers were much higher, but it seems with the salary cap and teams clearly locking up their best players, Free Agency would seem to be down based on these numbers.