Player to watch!

Post here ( and if you can a picture ) of the player you are guessing to have a break out game.

Go tiger cats..



Jesse Lumsden

he looked great against calgary and i still dont know why we stopped running the ball last week

I'm not even gonna post a name cwm1612's first choice sums it all up for me unless they play Timmy Chang.

go jo jo hopes he gets some ball tnite

im looking for bekasiak who i think is starting tonight at dt, along with loescher. i feel argos oline is weak.

Just trying to think of ONE player, has got me STOKED all over, again ...

Lumsden ? Holmes ? Jo Jo ? Talman ?
Zeke ? Tad (for the name pansies) ??

There is a lot of YOUNG talent on this squad ... these are EXCITING TIMES ...

I can't stress it enough ... I just want to see some TOUGH, COMPETITIVE football ... win or lose.


Adriano Belli, going offside for them instead of us this time...

watch that sir james delgardo guy i think he might show something. if your looking for big hits watch for zeke. i wanna see jojo do some damage on special teams and on teh offense mayb a reverse to jojo and let him show his wheels.

Nautyn McKay-Loescher. If he and the rest of the line can contain Bishop and rush him well, Cody and the boys might get some fine armpunt action tonight! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

I also look for him to have a big game. Lets hope he truly brings his one man gang fight persona.

This is the player to watch

THIS is the player people WILL be watching

***Notice I RESIZED the photos people, it really helps with keeping the forum inline ***

Okay, you inspired me...

This is the man we'll also be watching:

This is who his timing will remind Python fans of:

"Don't say the kid's name, vic!"

LMAO :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

On offence I'll be keying in on Jesse. If he can bowl O'Shea over like a 10-pin for a TD we "inmates" at Ivor Wynne will go nuts.

On Defence the D-line as has already been stated is key with 3 rookies starting against a very mobile QB in Bishop. But for variety I'll go with Zeke and Destroy. In the Calgary game he showed good run stopping skills but I will be interested in seeing how he develops his coverage skills against the pass.

BTW Espo, what's the over/under on the number of offsides penalties Belli takes for this game? I'd say 3 1/2.


It would make sense for the Ticats to hand it to Lumsden and Holmes quite a few times against that "bend don't break" defence. So I predict they'll both have good games. I also predict Walker will do well both on special teams and on offense. I'm also looking for Bishop to make a few mistakes as the game goes on, and for a few arm punts to be thrown by him, at least one being recovered by Karikari.